[caops-wg] Draft Agenda for the Document Session

Darcy Quesnel darcy.quesnel at canarie.ca
Mon Jan 29 00:35:57 CST 2007

It's already the night before the week of, and we haven't formed an 
actual draft agenda yet!  Well.

Let's try something a bit different this time.  The following is up on 
the CAOPS-WG wiki, feel free to add ideas, your name next to things to 
do :-), etc.


CAOPS-WG (Document Session)
Thursday 11:00 am - 12:30 pm (Windflower Room)

     * Status of existing documents (5' Darcy)
     * OCSP document ??
     * CA Auditing ??
     * RA Aditing (15' Matthew Viljoen)
     * Certificate Contents ??
     * Any other bright ideas ??

Let's form the agenda on the wiki and through discussion on the mailing 
list, otherwise this is going to be a short session.  I think it's set 
up so that any one who's a member of the CAOPS-WG group can edit the 
wiki.  Let's see.

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