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 +===== Membership in the Open Grid Forum =====
 +Leading business, government, scientific and academic organizations
 +from around the world join OGF to help accelerate the adoption of
 +grids. Organizational members are critical contributors to the success
 +of our mission through funding and the active participation of their
 +employees and affiliates. Working together, we share information,​
 +prioritize requirements,​ develop standards and best practices, and
 +champion the application and adoption of grid worldwide. ​
 +OGF offers the opportunity to contribute to, and benefit from,
 +activities that can only be accomplished at a collective, industry
 +level: OGF is the primary organization that brings together the
 +international grid community to develop standards which lead to
 +interoperable products and software OGF hosts global events for
 +information sharing, education, and collaborative problem solving OGF
 +documents the collective best practices of the community to provide
 +answers to today'​s deployment issues and problems OGF outreaches to
 +other standards development organizations,​ affiliates, partners,
 +press, analysts and the greater distributed community to clarify the
 +role of grid as a key enabler for the 21st century knowledge economy
 +The OGF Organizational Membership Program encourages members to
 +participate,​ collaborate,​ and contribute to the success of our shared
 +mission. There are 3-tiers to the program - Platinum, Gold and Silver.
 +Each tier provides benefits commensurate with financial contribution.
 +All tiers provide the following general benefits for participating
 +organizations. ​
 +**INFLUENCE :** On Directions & Priorities Organizational members have
 +a unique opportunity to influence the directions and priorities of
 +OGF, ranging from participation in leadership positions to active
 +contributions in group and committee activities. This provides a
 +tremendous resource to understanding and influencing emerging
 +strategies, standards and operational models. ​
 +**RECOGNITION :** As a Leader Driving Grid Adoption As an independent
 +voice, OGF provides opportunities to influence and outreach to
 +end-users, partners, grid industry experts, media and analysts.
 +Organizations gain visibility for their brand, products and solutions;
 +signaling that you are an industry leader driving standards and
 +interoperability. ​
 +**ACCESS :** to Grid Experts & Information OGF has a global community
 +of grid experts and practitioners developing specifications,​ best
 +practices and outreach material to promote grid adoption. Members gain
 +access to variety of important topics and into the collective thinking
 +of peers from a variety of industries and institutions who are
 +involved in similar projects and initiatives;​ accessing fresh ideas
 +from others who are addressing the real needs of technology users. ​
 +Organizational members from both research and industry support
 +OGF with continuing technical and financial involvement. These financial
 +contributions comprise the vast majority of OGF's operating income and
 +allow OGF to continue its leadership role in the advancement of grid, cloud and related distributed computing ​
 +technologies worldwide. ​
 +**FEES:​** ​
 +**Individual Memberships** may be earned by attending a minimum of two OGF events per year, or by paying an annual membership fee of $200. Individual memberships are **not** required to attend or to participate in OGF meetings, but qualify the member for reduced rates at OGF all-hands stand-alone meetings and carry other membership benefits. ​
 +**Organizational members** can join to receive the above benefits including all of the organizational advertising and visibility benefits listed above at the following rates:
 +  * Platinum $50,000 annual membership
 +  * Gold $25,000 annual membership
 +  * Silver $10,000 annual membership(*)
 +(*) Non-profit organizations that meet certain criteria can join at the Silver level for a $5,000 annual membership.
 +To learn more about becoming an Organizational Member of OGF, 
 +[[https://​​Members/​OGF_Organizational_Application.pdf|Click Here, (Application Form)]]. To see our list of current Organizational Members, [[members:​organizational_members|click here]].
 +To ask questions directly, [[:​contact|contact us]].