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-===== OGF 40: following EGI FedCloud F2F, Oxford and EUGridPMA F2F/SCI Meeting, RAL =====+===== Upcoming ​OGF Events ​=====
 +OGF’s most recent event in 2015 was [[events:​ogf-44|OGF 44]], which took place May 21-22, 2015 as part of the [[http://​|EGI Spring Conference 2015]], May 18-22, 2015 in Lisbon, Portugal. This event also included a [[http://​|Cloud Interoperability Plugfest]] for active hands-on standards and software API testing and several related co-organized meetings.
 +The 15th Annual Global LambdaGrid Workshop will be held on 28-30 September 2015, Prague. ​ The NSI working group will meet on Monday 28th Sept and Thursday 1st Oct. and you need to register for GLIF if you are planning to attend the collocated NSI meetings. Please register here:  [[http://​​]]
 +Planning is now in progress for OGF group meetings to take place at other associated conferences and events in 2015 and 2016. Opportunities to meet will exist at the EGI Community Forum 2015, which will will take place in Bari, Italy between 10-13 November. The registration form is online and early bird registration rates are available until 11 October. The EGI Community Forum will be organised by in collaboration with the partners of the Italian National Grid Initiative (INFN, INAF and INGV) and hosted by INFN-Bari.
 +The event'​s timetable is already online at [[http://​​CF2015]] and includes sessions and workshops (beyond the above time slot) on several topics of interest that overlap with activities of OGF work groups and community groups, including Open Data, the Federated Cloud, Authentication and Authorisation and services for Research Infrastructures and Competence Centres. ​ Registration for the EGI CF2015 event is available at [[http://​​cf15-reg]]
 +Additional information is available at the following three links:
 +        - CF2015 Indico pages: [[https://​​indico/​​confId=2544]]
 +        - Registration page (early bird fees are available until 11 October): [[https://​​indico/​​pageId=6&​confId=2544]]
 +        - Poster and demo submission is open until 30 September. For information,​ contact (events [at]
 +If you would like to meet for purposes of facilitating interactions with any of the many EGI projects at the Community Forum 2015, please contact us immediately so that we can help to arrange joint opportunities as appropriate. ​
 +Please follow the links to the call for session proposals for each event as they are posted to request group meeting or other sessions. ​
-OGF’s second event in 2014 will be [[events:​ogf-41|OGF 41]], to take place during the [[https://​|XSEDE conference]] July 13-18 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The [[http://​​overview/​type/​open+grid+forum|OGF scheduled group meetings]] will run from Tuesday the 14th of July through Thursday the 17th. For details see the [[events:​ogf-41|OGF 41]] pages. 
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 ===== Event Calendar ===== ===== Event Calendar =====