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OGF Published Documents

OGF documents are developed according to an open public process as described at this link.

GFD Type Area Group Publication Title Authors
GFD.212 P-REC Infrastructure NSI-WG 2014-06-16 NSI Connection Service v2.0 G. Roberts, T. Kudoh, I. Monga, J. Sobieski, J. MacAuley, C. Guok
GFD.211 P-REC Applications SAGA-WG 2013-11-25 SAGA API Bindings: Python A. Merzky, M. Santcroos, S. Fisher, O. Weidner
GFD.210 INFO Architecture PGI-WG 2013-11-25 European Middleware Initiative Execution Service – Version 2.0 M. Riedel, A. Konstantinov
GFD.209 P-REC Management GLUE-WG 2013-11-25 GLUE v. 2.0 – Reference Realization to XML Schema S. Andreozzi, S. Burke, L. Field, B. Konya, S. Memon, D. Meredith, JP Navarro, F. Paganelli, W. Smith