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Vice President of Standards

Dr. Alan Sill has been involved in scientific computing in one way or another for more than thirty years. He gravitated toward the topic as an undergraduate and has been on the computing side of science ever since. His formal training is as a physicist and has done a lot of work at national labs in the U.S., Asia, and Europe. Much of his work in computation has been driven by the science needs of experiments at the particle colliders in Japan, at Fermilab and CERN, and other similar large-scale projects. He now works as a senior scientist at the High-Performance Computing Center at Texas Tech where he is involved in a number of grid projects providing scientific computational support in areas ranging from high energy physics to petroleum engineering to atmospheric science to molecular dynamics and chemistry.

Dr. Sill has been involved with a wide variety of standards organizations in the course of his work, including working groups on grid security, middleware development, authentication and authorization, and remote collaboration, and was a founding charter member of The Americas Grid Policy Management Authority, the accrediting arm of the International Grid Trust Federation. He served as Secretary for TAGPMA for its initial two years and helped to develop its charter and mission, and remain an active TAGPMA member. He is an active volunteer in Scouting and enjoys hiking, climbing, and a variety of high-adventure outdoor activities.