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 +===== The OGF Vision =====
 +The Open Grid Forum accelerates adoption of advanced computing to enable business value and scientific discovery ​
 +by providing open processes for developing open documentation and standards for software interoperability.\\
 +OGF provides an open forum that brings together key individuals and organizations from the advanced computing community ​
 +to align requirements;​ identify and remove barriers; test and develop best practices that will expedite their adoption.\\
 +As an open organization,​ OGF collaborates extensively with other related organizations and develops and maintains ​
 +liaisons as needed to align with existing industry standards and develop new methods, best practices and standard specifications.\\
 +OGF exists to serve the community and pursues its interactions with other organizations and with the community ​
 +with the goal to identify, document, curate where necessary, and promote adoption of the best available methods in all cases.\\