Past GGF Events

GF5 The Fifth Grid Forum
October 15 - 18, 2000
Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA
Bell Atlantic Learning Center

Sponsor Host by:
Sun Labs

Sponsored by:

Boeing Phantom Works, NASA, Argonne National Laboratory,
NCSA, SDSC, University of Virginia

GF5 was the largest to date with over 190 participants from a dozen countries and over 100 organizations. Thirty participants were from Europe and ten from Asia-Pacific countries. GF5 also had the largest industrial participation to date with over 30 individuals from industry. 25 Grid Working Drafts were discussed at GF5.

Plenary Program:

  • Opening Plenary- Grid Architectures Welcome (Charlie Catlett, Grid Forum Chair)
  • Keynote: Observations on Architecture, Protocols, Services, API's, SDK's, and the Role of the Grid Forum (Ian Foster, Argonne National Laboratory and University of Chicago)
  • Welcome-Bob Sproull, Sun Fellow, Vice President and Director of Sun Labs
  • East Opening Plenary- Grid Forum and the Emerging Grid Industry (Invited talks) Professor Andrew Chien, Entropia and University of California-San Diego (PPT) Dr. Robert Knighten, Intel Enterprise Architecture Lab and Peer-to-Peer Working Group
  • Plenary Presentations of Results from GF5 Working Sessions: Grid Working Drafts - Each session in GF5 was summarized. 
  • The Klearinghouse: A Knowledge Management Clearinghouse for Grid Applications and Technologies (George Brett, National Laboratory for Applied Network Research (NLANR) and NCSA)
  • Proposed Grid Forum Documents - Several GF working groups have produced GridForum Drafts outlining proposed standards or "best practices" that have been discussed at previous GF meetings within working groups where consensus has been reached within the working group. There was a Q & A sessions with open discussion.

Working/Research Groups:

ACCT: Distributed Accounting Architecture (2 Sessions)
Advanced Programming Models (APM)
APM: GCF Implementation Issues
APM: GCF Requirements
APM: Grid Component Framework (GCF)
DATA: GF/eGRID survey of activities and requirements Commercial Grid Systems
DATA: GridFTP protocol requirements and specification
GCE: Charter Development
GCE: Survey White Paper
GIS: Integrating Information Services into Grid Directories
GIS: LDAP Queries- Challenges and Opportunities
GIS: Revisit Charter and Open Discussion
GP/GIS: Directory Schema
GP: Scenarios and Event Schema (w/GIS)
GP: Timestamps
Grid Architecture Discussion
Grid Forum Process & Governance Discussion
Grid Information Services (GIS)
Grid Performance (GP)
GUS/APM: Pgmg Models, and
GUS: Grid User Services Best Practices (3 Sessions)
NEW: Grid Computing Environments (GCE)
Remote Data Access (DATA)
Scheduling & Resource Management (SRM)
SEC: Grid Security Infrastructure (GSI) Roadmap
SEC: PKI Certificate Policies
Security (SEC)
Selected Grid Technologies
SRM/SEC: Scheduling and Security
SRM: Generic Grid Resource Description and Ten Steps
SRM: Superscheduler Query Interface
SRM: Vendors, Standards and Low-Hanging Fruit

Tutorial: XML (Reagan Moore, SDSC)
Tutorial: JINI (Ken Arnold, Sr. Staff Engineer, Jini Project, Sun Microsystems)

GIS: JINI Working Group



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