Past GGF Events

GF4 - The Forth Grid Forum
July 10-12, 2000.
Redmond, WA on the Microsoft campus

Hosted and Sponsored by:
Microsoft and Microsoft Research

GF4 had over 120 participants from 60 organizations and 8 countries.

 Plenary Program:

  • Microsoft Welcome and Opening Plenary: Toward a Global Grid Forum (Charlie Catlett, Grid Forum Chair)
  • Plenary: Real Life on the Grid (The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Beautiful)  Summary of Existing Data Grids (Ron Oldfield, DATA)
  • Grid Application Experience: Data Mining on the Information Power Grid (Thomas Hinke, NASA)
  • Plenary Presentations of Results from GF4 Working Sessions. Each session in GF4 was summarized.  Moderator: Bill Johnston.
  • Plenary Presentations of Selected Grid Forum Results - Several GF working groups produced draft documents for proposed standards or "best practices" that have been discussed at previous GF meetings within working groups where consensus has been reached within the working group. There was a Q & A sessions and open discussion. Moderator: Bill Johnston.

Working/Research Groups:
A Grid Performance Monitoring Architecture (GP) (2 Sessions)
Accounting (ACCT)
Advanced Programming Models (APM)
APM (Focus Area Discussions)
APM (Solicited White Papers)
Current Accounting Practice (ACCT)
Defining Compute Resources- Draft Document discussion (SRM+INFO)
Defining Schemas for the Grid with GOS (Grid Object Specification) (INFO)
Describing Grid Allocations (SRM)
Describing Grid Allocations- Draft Document discussion (SRM)
Developing Dynamic Performance Information Infrastructure for the Grid (GP)
Directory Usage in the Internet2 Community (INFO)
Document discussion- User Support in a Virtual Machine Room (GUS)
Event and sensor naming/formats/schema (GP)
Event Data Archive- Future Directions (GP)
Grid Information Services (INFO)
Grid Performance (GP)
Grid User Services (GUS)
Job Log Definition (ACCT)
MDSML: A XML binding for Grid Object Specification (GOS) (INFO)
Metascheduler Query and Reservation Interface (SRM)
Naming and Information Management in Grid Systems - Draft Document Discussion (DATA+INFO)
People representation (INFO+SEC+ACCT)
Query Interface- Draft Document discussion (SRM)
Remote Data Access (DATA)
Representing Compute Resources in Grid Resource Directories (INFO+SRM)
Representing People in Grid Resource Directories (INFO+SEC+ACCT)
Scheduling & Resource Management (SRM)
Security (SEC)
Security and Scheduling terminology/services/programming environments (SEC+SRM)
Security Requirements for Scheduling (SRM+SEC)
Standard Interfaces for Advanced Reservation (SRM) (2 Sessions)
Storage Resource Broker Data Grid and Remote Data Access Architectures - Draft Document discussions (DATA)
Strategy for Future Work (ACCT)
Strategy for Future Work (APM)
Use Cases; Authorization and Authentication Requirements (SEC)


Other Meetings:
Newcomer Orientation (attended by over 40 new participants)



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