Past GGF Events

GF2 - The Second Grid Forum
October 19 - 21, 1999
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Northwestern University Chicago Campus

Sponsored by:
Government Labs, Academia, and Commercial Institutions

Hosted by:
International Center for Advanced Internet Research, Northwestern University
Mathematics & Computer Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory

GF2 had over 130 participants from 60 organizations and 5 countries.


There is increasing interest in the use of networks not just for communication or remote data access, but also for the coupling of computers, instruments, data archives, etc., with each other and with humans. Some of these applications include collaborative environments, distributed computing, computer-enhanced instrumentation, distributed data mining, digital libraries, and problem solving environments.

Within the scientific community, this interest has led to new initiatives such as the NASA Information Power Grid, NCSA Alliance National Technology Grid, NPACI metasystems, DOE Collaboratories, DOE ASCI DISCOM, etc., as well as the establishment of focused community forums concerned with, for example, the use of Java for high-performance computing (Java Grande Forum), desktop access to remote resources (DATORR), component architectures, (CCA Forum), etc.

The Grid Forum is being proposed as a means of enhancing the effectiveness of these diverse activities by providing communication among practitioners and, in particular, the definition of standard infrastructure elements. For example, multiple groups (DOE2000, NSF PACIs, NASA IPG, and probably others) are working to define Grid information services used to discover and characterize computers, software, networks, etc.; there would seem to be considerable value to agreeing on standard data models and information infrastructure, and the Grid Forum can provide a forum for that standardization process.


Since we verified in the first meeting that there is indeed interest in proceeding with the creation of a Grid Forum, we would like to further define/refine the “rules of engagement” under which a Grid Forum should operate.

The following working groups were established at the last meeting Scheduling (interim chairs Bill Nitzberg and Jenny Schopf), Grid Information Service (interim chair Gregor von Laszewski), Security (interim chars Randy Butler and Andrew Grimshaw), Remote Data Access Working Group (interim chairs Micah Beck and Reagan Moore), Application and Tools Requirements (interim chairs Fran Berman and Bob Hood), End-to-End Performance (interim chair Valerie Taylor), Advanced Performance Models (interim chair David Bader), Account Management (interim chair Tom Hacker), and User Services (interim chair Rita Williams). We would like to give the working groups the opportunity to identify and commence discussion in their topic area. Idea exchanges between the working groups are planned to allow identifying important action items for a successful collaboration.

The primary purpose of this meeting is for synchronization among groups, cia the presentation at the meeting of the Working Group goals (and, subsequently, progress) in a forum that allows critique by the community. The secondary purpose of this meeting is for the individual groups to meet face-to-face.

It is emphasized that the goal of the Grid Forum is to establish a broad-based community forum that accommodates a variety of interests and approaches. Broad participation is encouraged. Comments are welcome and encouraged.


Plenary Program:

  • Introduction, Review of First Meeting, Agenda
  • Overview of European Grid Activities (Invited Talk)
  • Discussion of Grid Forum structure
  • Working Group Status (to allow people to know what happened in other groups and go to different ones)
  • Final discussion of forum structure and organization

Working/Research Groups:
Information (3 Sessions)
Accounting (3 Sessions)
Programming Models (3 Sessions)
Scheduling (3 Sessions)
End-to-end Measurement (3 Sessions)
User Services (3 Sessions)
Applications and Tools (3 Sessions)
Remote I/O (3 Sessions)
Security (3 Sessions)



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