Past GGF Events

GGF8 - The Eighth Global Grid Forum
"Building Grids -Obstacles & Opportunities"
June 24 - 27, 2003
Seattle, Washington, USA
The meeting gathered ~700 grid enthusiasts, practitioners and experts.

GGF8 Participants
GGF8 Schedule

Keynote Presentations

Working/Research Groups:
Grid Checkpoint/Recovery (GridCPR-WG) (2 Sessions)
Grid Remote Procedure Call   (GridRPC-WG)
Advanced Collaborative Environments (ACE-RG)
Applications and Test Beds (APPS-RG)
Grid computing Environments (GCE-RG)
Grid User Services (GUS-RG) (2 Sessions)
Life Sciences Grid (LSG-RG) (2 Sessions)
Production Grid Management (PGM-RG)   
New Productivity Initiative (NPI-WG) (2 Sessions)
Open Grid Service Common Management Model (CMM-WG)
Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA-WG)
Open Grid Services Interface  (OGSI-WG) (4 Sessions)
Grid Protocol Architecture (GPA-RG) (2 Sessions)
Data Access and Integration Services (DAIS-WG) (4 Sessions)
Data Format Description Language (DFDL-WG)
GridFTP (New Charter) (GridFTP-WG)
OGSA Data Replication Services (OREP-WG)
Data Transport (DT-RG)
Grid High-Performance Networking (GHPN-RG)
Persistent Archives (PA-RG)
Authorization Frameworks and Mechanisms  (AuthZ-WG) (2 Sessions)
CA Operations (CAOps-WG)
Open Grid Services Architecture Security (OGSA-SEC-WG)
Site Authentication, Authorization, and Accoutning Requirements (SAAA-RG)
CIM Based Grid Schema (CGS-WG)
Grid Information Retrieval (GIR-WG)
Network Measurement (NM-WG) (2 Sessions)
Relational Grid Information Services  (RGIS-RG) (2 Sessions)
Appliance Aggregation (APPAGG-RG) (2 Sessions)
Relation of OGSA/Globus & Peer to Peer (OGSAP2P-RG) (2 Sessions)
Distributed Resource Management Application (DRMAA-WG)
Grid Economic Services Architecture (GESA-WG) (2 Sessions)
Grid Resource Allocation Agreement Protocol  (GRAAP-WG)
OGSA Resource Usage Service (RUS-WG)
Usage Record  (UR-WG)

Charter Discussion BOFs:  
Grid Filesystem
Grid Policy Architecture-RG 
Humanities and Social Science -RG   
IPv6 & Grids
Particle & Nuclear Physics App.-RG 
Standards for Storage Resource Management-WG

Applications and Testbeds-RG
Production Grid Management-RG




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