Past GGF Events

GGF7 - The Seventh Global Grid Forum
"Grids Around the World"
March 4 - 7, 2003
Tokyo, Japan
Hotel Intercontinental Keio Plaza

The meeting gathered ~780 grid enthusiasts, practitioners and experts for the first GGF held in the Asia-Pacific.

GGF7 Participants
GGF7 Plenary Program (Detailed)
GGF7 Plenary Program (At a Glance)

GGF7 Presentations:

Working/Research Groups: Submitted Working Draft Documents
Grid Checkpoint/Recovery (GridCPR-WG)
Grid Remote Procedure Call   (GridRPC-WG)
Advanced Collaborative Environments (ACE-RG) (2 Sessions)
Applications and Test Beds (APPS-RG)
Grid computing Environments (GCE-RG)
Grid User Services (GUS-RG) (2 Sessions)
Life Sciences Grid (LSG-RG)
Production Grid Management (PGM-RG) (2 Sessions)
User Program Development Tools For The Grid (UPDT-RG)
New Productivity Initiative (NPI-WG)
Open Grid Service Common Management Model (CMM-WG)
Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA-WG) (2 Sessions)
Open Grid Services Interface  (OGSI-WG) (2 Sessions)
Grid Protocol Architecture (GPA-RG) (2 Sessions)
Semantic Grid (SEM-RG) (2 Sessions)
Service Management Frameworks (SMF-RG)
Data Access and Integration Services (DAIS-WG) (2 Sessions)
OGSA Data Replication Services (OREP-WG)
Data Transport (DT-RG)
Grid High-Performance Networking (GHPN-RG)
Persistent Archives (PA-RG)
Authorization Frameworks and Mechanisms  (AuthZ-WG) (2 Sessions)
CA Operations (CAOps-WG)
Open Grid Services Architecture Security (OGSA-SEC-WG)
Site Authentication, Authorization, and Accoutning Requirements (SAAA-RG)
CIM Based Grid Schema (CGS-WG)
Grid Information Retrieval (GIR-WG)
Network Measurement (NM-WG) (2 Sessions)
Grid Benchmarking (GB-RG)
Appliance Aggregation (APPAGG-RG)
Relation of OGSA/Globus & Peer to Peer (OGSAP2P-RG) (2 Sessions)
Distributed Resource Management Application (DRMAA-WG)
Grid Economic Services Architecture (GESA-WG) (2 Sessions)
Grid Resource Allocation Agreement Protocol (GRAAP-WG)
OGSA Resource Usage Service (RUS-WG)
Usage Record  (UR-WG) (2 Sessions)

Charter Discussion BOFs:
- Open Grid Service Java Binding Working Group (JAVA-WG)
- GGF Regional Partner Program Session Leader: Charlie Catlett
- GGF Intellectual Property Policy: Update and Exploration Session Leader:Charlie Catlett
- GridRPC Working Group Charter Session Leader(s): Craig Lee, Keith Seymour, Hidemoto Nakada
- Grid Scheduling Ontology Working Group Session Leader(s): Philipp Wieder, Wolfgang Ziegler
- Proposed Charter for GGF Working Group on OGSA Data Replication Services Session Leader: Ann Chervenak
- Open Grid Service Common Resource Model Working Group Session Leader: Ellen Stokes Presentation PPT   CRM Requirements-Hitachi   Summary

- Grid Scheduling Architecture
- Lifesciences Applications on the Grid (mini-symposium)
- Building Persistent Archives using Data Grids
- Applications "What can be achieved with today's Grid technology (and what cannot)?"
- Portals Manifesto


Special Thanks to GGF7 Program Committee:
General Chair: Charlie Catlett - GGF
Administration and Finance Chair: Mary Spada - GGF  and the GGF7 PROGRAM COMMITTEE & GGF7 Program Co-Chairs, Sangsan Lee (KISTI) and Satoshi Sekiguchi (GTRC/AIST)
Chair, Student Volunteers – Jennifer Schopf (ANL/UChicago)
Chair, Workshop (GFSG) – Satoshi Matsuoka (TITECH), Dennis Gannon (Indiana Univ) Co-Chair, Tutorials – Bill Allcock (ANL), Satoshi Itoh (AIST)
Chair, Technology Updates – CH Hariharan (Novell), Munkee Choi (Professor ICU, Chair JFK)
Chair, Application Updates – Kyriakos Baxevanidis (CEC)
Chair, Industry Updates – Kenichi Miura (Fujitsu), Hiro Kishimoto (Fujitsu)
Chair, BOFs (GFSG) – Bill Nitzberg (VERIDIAN)
Co-Chair, WG/RG Sessions (GFSG) – Marty Humphrey (University of Virginia) – Cees De Laat (UVA)
Program Co-Chairs, GGF8 – Ian Foster (ANL/UChicago) & Fabrizio Gagliardi (CERN)
Special Contributors –

  • Ashok Adiga, United Devices
  • Malcolm Atkinson, NeSC
  • Ian Baird, Platform Computing
  • Alan Blatecky, NSF
  • Paul Borrill, Replica
  • Bradley Calder, UCSD
  • Frederica Darema, NSF ANIR
  • Andrew Grimshaw, Avaki
  • Wes Kaplow, QwestDr.-Ing. habil. Thilo Kielmann, Vrije Universiteit
  • Paul Messina, GGF and ANL
  • Yoichi Muraoka, Waseda University
  • Jeff Nick, IBM
  • Michael Papka, Argonne National Laboratory, UChicago
  • Walter Stewart, SGI
  • Arsi Vaziri, NASA Ames Research Center
  • Wolfgang Ziegler, Fraunhofer Institute



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