Past GGF Events

GGF6 – The Sixth Global Grid Forum
October 14 - 17 , 2002
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers

The meeting gathered ~450 pre-registered participants to 20 research group sessions, 60+ working group sessions...40+ documents entered the formal documentation process as a result of this meeting. GGF6 focused EXCLUSIVELY on Working Groups and Research Group documentation sessions. There was no general information plenary tracks or tutorials.

GGF6 Participants

Working/Research Groups
Advanced Collaborative Environments R (2 Sessions)
Appliance Aggregation Architecture RG
Applications and Test Beds RG (2 Sessions)
CAOps WG (2 Sessions)
CIM based Grid Schema Working Group (2 Sessions)
Database Access & Integration Services WG (2 Sessions)
DAMED-WG and CIM-WG and NM-WG Interactions
Data Replication RG
Distributed Accounting RG (2 Sessions)
Distributed Resource Management Application API WG (3 Sessions)
Gird Economic Scheduling Architecture WG (2 Sessions)
Grid CheckPointing and Recovery WG
Grid Computing Environments RG
Grid Economic Scheduling Architecture WG (2 Sessions)
Grid Protocol Architecture RG (2 Sessions)
Grid Resource Allocation Agreement Protocol WG 
Grid User Services RG (2 Sessions)
Large-Site AAA RG (2 Sessions)
Network Measurement WG (2 Sessions)
NPi Architecture JDL and RDL WG Intersections
NPi Architecture Policy Framework
NPi DRM Reference Model
OGSA/Globus and Peer to Peer Relationship RG
OGSI WG (4 Sessions)
Persistent Archives RG
Production Grid Management RG (2 Sessions)
Resource Usage Service RG (2 Sessions)
Relational Grid Information Systems RG
Scheduling Attributes WG
Scheduling Dictionary WG
Usage Record WG
Authorization OGSA WG
Data Transport BOF: OGSA and .NET
Grid Computing with Desktops and Consumer
Grid Information Retrieval (GridIR)
Grid Scheduling Architecture WG
GridRPC Working Group
Life Sciences Grid
Semantic Grid
User Program Development Tools for the Grid
Life Sciences Grid Workshop
Area Meetings:
Peer to Peer Area Meeting
Applications and Programming Environments Area Meeting
Information Systems and Performance Area Meeting
Scheduling Area Overview
Other meetings:
GGF6 Opening Plenary
GGF6 Closing Plenary
GGF 101 (For New GGF Attendees)
GGF7 Program Committee Meeting
WG/RG Chairs Training



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