Past GGF Events

GGF5 – The Fifth Global Grid Forum
July 21 - 24, 2002
Edinburgh, Scotland

The meeting gathered ~850 pre-registered participants to ~23 talks in plenary session, 16 BOFs, 20 research group sessions, 23 working group sessions and ~10, 519 meetings in the hallways, hotels, castles and bars. GGF5 was held in conjunction with IEEE's HPDC-11 (24-26 July) at the Edinburgh International Conference Center (EICC) in Edinburgh, Scotland.

GGF5 Participants

Plenary Program:

Working/Research Groups: Submitted Working Draft Documents
Grid Checkpoint/Recovery (GridCPR-WG)
Advanced Collaborative Environments (ACE-RG) (2 Sessions)
Advanced Programming Models (APM-RG)
Applications and Test Beds (APPS-RG)
Grid computing Environments (GCE-RG) (3 Sessions)
Grid User Services (GUS-RG) (2 Sessions)
Production Grid Management (PGM-RG)
User Program Development Tools For The Grid (UPDT-RG)
New Productivity Initiative (NPI-WG) (3 Sessions)
Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA-WG) (3 Sessions)
Open Grid Services Interface  (OGSI-WG) (3 Sessions)
Open Source Software (OSS-WG)
Accounting Models (ACCT-RG) (2 Sessions)
Grid Protocol Architecture (GPA-RG)
Semantic Grid (SEM-RG)
Service Management Frameworks (SMF-RG) (2 Sessions)
Data Access and Integration Services (DAIS-WG) (3 Sessions)
GridFTP (GridFTP-WG)
Data Replication (REP-RG) (2 Sessions)
Data Transport (DT-RG)
Grid High-Performance Networking (GHPN-RG)
Persistent Archives (PA-RG)
Grid Certificate Policy (GCP-WG) (2 Sessions)
Grid Security Infrastructure (GSI-WG)
Open Grid Services Architecture Security (OGSA-SEC-WG)
Site Authentication, Authorization, and Accoutning Requirements (SAAA-RG)
CIM Based Grid Schema (CGS-WG)
Discovery and Monitoring Event Description (DAMED-WG) (2 Sessions)
Grid Information Retrieval (GIR-WG)
Network Measurement (NM-WG) (2 Sessions)        
Grid Benchmarking (GB-RG)
Relational Grid Information Services  (RGIS-RG) (3 Sessions)
Appliance Aggregation (APPAGG-RG)
Distributed Resource Management Application (DRMAA-WG) (2 Sessions)
Grid Economic Services Architecture (GESA-WG)
Grid Resource Allocation Agreement Protocol  (GRAAP-WG)
OGSA Resource Usage Service (RUS-WG)
Scheduling Attributes (SA-WG)
Scheduling Dictionary (SD-WG)
Usage Record  (UR-WG)

-  Appliance Aggregation Area: Peer To Peer Led by: Andrew A. Chein
-  Common Information Model (CIM) WG Area: Performance and Information Services Led by: Peter Gietz, Michael Helm Website:
-  Common Schemas for Interoperability Area: Performance and Information Services Led by: Jenny Schopf, Brian Tierney
-  Data Transport Proposed WG Area: Data Led by: Bill Allcock
-  Grid Checkpoint Recovery Proposed WG Area: Applications & Models Led by: Derek Simmel Website:
-  Grid Economic Brokering Architecture WG Area: Scheduling & Resource Management Led by: Steven Newhouse Website:
-  Grid Information Retrieval WG Area: Performance and Information Services Led by: Kevin Gamiel
-  Grid Scheduling Architecture Area: Scheduling & Resource Management Led by: Uwe Schwiegelshohn Website:
-  OGSA Resource Usage Service Proposed WG Area: Scheduling & Resource Management Led by: Steven Newhouse Website:
-  OGSA Roadmap Area: Architecture Led by: Steve Tuecke
-  Production Grid Management WG Area: Applications & Models Led by: Tony Lisotta
-  Scheduling Optimization Area: Scheduling & Resource Management Led by: Vincenzo Di Martino  Website:
-  Semantic Grid Proposed RG Area: Architecture Led by: Dave De Roure
-  Service Management Frameworks RG Area: Architecture Led by: Steven Newhouse
-  Usage Record WG Area: Scheduling and Resource Management Led by: Laura McGinnis Website:
-  Large-site Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) Requirements Area: Security Led by: Dane Skow Website:  

Tutorial 1 – EU DataGrid Technologies (V. Getov) Instructors: Kunszt, CERN, E. Laure, CERN
Tutorial 2 – Introduction to Web Services and the Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA) (V. Getov) (Milan Milenkovic) Instructors: Ian Foster, Argonne and the Univ of Chicago, Steve Tuecke, Argonne and the Univ of Chicago, Steve Graham, IBM
Tutorial 3 – Grid Computing with Condor (R. Wolski) Instructors: Miron Livny, University of Wisconsin
Tutorial 4 – Introduction to Bioinformatics (R. Wolski) Instructors: Chris Dwan, University of Minnesota 
Tutorial 5 – Access Grid (J. Miller)  Instructors: Jim Miller, inSORS, Bob Olson, Argonne and the Univ of Chicago, Ivan Judson, Argonne and the Univ of Chicago   
Tutorial 6 – Security in Grid Computing (V. Getov)  Instructors: Marty Humphrey, University of Virginia, Mary Thompson, Lawrence Berkeley Lab
Tutorial 7 - An Introduction to Ontologies and the Grid (J. Miller) Instructors: Carol Goble, University of Manchester, Nigel Shadbolt, University of Southampton
Tutorial 8 - Grid Economics: Foundations and Challenges (R. Wolski) Instructors: Chris Kenyon, IBM Research Zurich, George Cheliotis IBM Research Zurich

Special Thanks to the GGF5 Program Committee:

  • Malcolm Atkinson, NeSC/EPSRC (Co-Chair)
  • Mary Spada, ANL/Univ of Chicago (Co-Chair)
  • Vladimir Getov, Univ.of Westminster (Tutorials Chair)
  • Greg Astfalk, HP
  • Kyriakos Baxevanidis, CEC
  • Alan Blatecky, NSF
  • Michel Cosnard, INRIA
  • Frederica Darema, NSF
  • Tony Hey, EPSRC
  • Fabrizio Gagliardi, CERN
  • Dennis Gannon, Indiana University (HPDC11 Program Chair)
  • Steven Humphreys, SNL
  • Marty Humphrey, UVA
  • Geoff Jordan, Level 3 Communications
  • Chuck Klabunde, Boeing Phantom Works
  • Bill Kramer, LBL
  • Sangsan Lee, KISTI
  • Paul Messina, ANL
  • Mirco Mazzucato, INFN
  • Milan Milenkovic, Intel
  • Jim Miller, inSORS
  • Prof Murakawa, Univ of Tokyo
  • Jarek Nabryzski, Poznan Supercomputing Centre
  • Satoshi Sekiguchi, AIST
  • Arsi Vaziri, NASA IPG
  • Wolfgang Ziegler, Fraunhofer Institute



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