Past GGF Events

GGF4 - The Forth Global Grid Forum
February 17 - 20, 2002
Toronto, Ontario

SPECIAL THANKS to the GGF4 Program Committee & GGF4 Co-Chair, Roger Impey, NRC 

Plenary Program:

  • Global Grid Forum Overview and Update
  • Overview of Global Grid Forum - Goals and Activities led by Charlie Catlett, GGF Chair
  • 5 minute Updates presented by each Area Lead led by Marty Humphrey, GGF Steering Group
  • Welcome and Opening (Charlie Catlett, GGF Chair)
  • Ruminations on Grids and a View from the GGF Advisory Committee (Paul Messina, GFAC Chair)
  • GRIDS IN INDUSTRY:Led by: GGF-4 PC R. Impey
    • Progress in Y2001 and Future Growth Trends - Grid Futures - An Analysis of Internet Growth and the Impact of Grid Computing, (Robert Cohen, PhD, Cohen Communications Group)
    • Industry and Grids: A View from Japan (Dr. Ken Miura, Fujitsu Ltd. and Kyushu University)
    • Globus Unleashed: Platform Computing's Commercial Support for the Globus Toolkit (Ian Baird, Chief Business Architect and Grid Strategist, Platform Computing)
  • Invited Panel: Led by: GGF-4 PC W. Johnston
    • An Open Grid Services Architecture (I. Foster ANL and UC S. Graham, IBM, C. Kesselman, USC/ISI, J. Nick, IBM, S. Tuecke, ANL
    • Technology Update: Grid Computing Using Modern TechnologiesApplication Frameworks (D. Gannon, Indiana Univ)
    • Web Services and Futures (G. Fox)
    • Application Use of Web Services (M. Thomas)
    • NetSolve Web Services (J. Dongarra)
  • "Don't Forget the Roses",F. Darema, NSF/CISE Senior Science and Technology Advisor
  • "Publish/Subscribe for Event-based Systems", H.-A. Jacobsen, University of Toronto
  • "Grid RPC, Events and Messaging", C. A. Lee, The Aerospace Corporation
  • Vendor Updates: Led by: GGF-4 PC M. Spada
    • Platform Computing - Enabling Grids Today and Tomorrow (Songian Zhou, CTO)
    • Avaki Corporation(Andrew Grimshaw, CT)
    • ONI - How Optical Networking will Impact Grid Computing (Francis Ho)
    • Microsoft - An Introduction to XML Web Services (David Turner)
    • Qwest Communications (Dr. Wes Kaplow)
  • New Grid Initiatives- Led by: GGF-4 PC V. Getov
    • Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Plans and Players Entropia: Distributed Computing in the Enterprise and Internet (Andrew Chien Chairman of the Board, CTO and Co-founder,Entropia, Inc. and UCSD)
    • Peer-to-peer: Through the Looking Glass (Milan Milenkovic Director, DistributedSystems Architecture, Intel Corporation)
    • The JXTA Virtual Network (Bernard Traversat Architect and Engineering Manager, Project JXTA, Sun Microsytems)
  • Featured Topic: Led by: GGF4-PC M. A. Scott
    • Open Source Software - The ABCs of Open Source Software, Licenses and Business Issues (Seth Rosen, LBNL)
    • Open Source Software:A U.S. Perspective (P. Gottlieb, Asst General Counsel, U.S. Department of Energy)
    • Open Source Software:A European Perspective (Federico Carminati, CERN)
  • Grid Project Updates:
    • Korea Grid Forum (including APEC/TEL Asia Pacific Grid Implementation Initiatives) (Dr. Sangsan Lee, KISTI Supercomputing Centre)
    • Japanese Grid Initiatives (Prof. Satoshi Matsuoka, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    • Information Technology Based Laboratory (ITBL) (Dr. Ryutaro Himeno, Riken)
    • Thai Grid Efforts (Dr. Putchong Uthayopas, Kasetsart University)
    • Asia Pacific Grid Update (Dr. Yoshio Tanaka, AIST)
  • Grid Project Updated cont'd: Led by: GGF4-PC S. Sekiguchi and†† D. Laforenza
    • Access Grid (B. Olson, ANL)
    • NPACInet (M. Humphrey, UVA)
    • GridCanada and CANARIE (B. St. Arnaud, CANARIE)
    • NMI: NSF Middleware Initiative (A. Blatecky, NSF)
    • GridLab (J. Nabrzyski, PRC)
    • UK Grid Initiative (T. Hey)
    • French Grid Initiatives (M. Cosnard, INRIA)
    • Eurogrid (V. Alessandrini, IDRIS)
    • Interactive Q & A
  • Keynote - Irving Wladawsky-Berger Co-Chair, Presidentís Information Technology Advisory Committee Member, Global Grid Forum Advisory Committee Vice President, Enterprise Server Division, IBM
  • GGF Closing Plenary
  • Progress Updates by Area - Each Area will be allocated 10 minutes to update on WG progress made during GGF4,and plans for GGF-5. Led by Bill Johnston, GGF Steering Group, and Charlie Catlett, GGF Chair
  • Town Hall Meeting Led by: C. Catlett, M. Spada, P. Messina
    Document Series
    Future GGF Meeting Plans
    Grid-Related Effort/Event Announcements
    Membership: Towards a Grid Professional Society

Working/Research Groups: Submitted Working Draft Documents

Accounting Models WG (ACCT; ARCH area)
Advanced Collaboration Environments RG (ACE; APME area) (2 Sessions)
Advanced Programming Models RG (APM; APME area)
Applications & Testbeds RG (APPS; APME area) (2 Sessions)
AREA: Scheduling
Data Replication RG (REP; DATA area)
Distributed Resource Management Application API WG (DRMAA; SCHED area) (3 Sessions)
GFPA: Persistent Archive Data Handling
GIS Area
Grid Certificate Policy (GCP; SEC Area) (2 Sessions)
Grid Computing Environments RG (GCE; APME area) (2 Sessions)
Grid Monitoring Architecture WG (GMA; PERF area) (2 Sessions)
Grid Protocol Architecture RG (GPA; ARCH area)
Grid Security Infrastructure WG (GSI; SEC area)
GridFTP WG (DATA area)
JINI WG (ARCH area) (3 Sessions)
Network Monitoring WG (NM; PERF area) (2 Sessions)
Persistent Archive RG (PA; DATA area)
Scheduling Dictionary WG (DICT; SCHED area)


- Application Metadata Led by: T. Haupt, Univ of Mississippi
- Building Production Grids Led by: R. Impey, NRC M. Atkinson, UK e-Science, B. Johnston, LBL
- Cluster Standardization WG Led by: P.Papadopoulos, SDSC
- Databases and the Grid Led by: N. Patton, Chair, Database Task Force of the UK e-Science Programme, R. Moore, SDSC
- Global Naming in Global Grids Led by: A. Grimshaw, Avaki
- Grid Benchmarking Research Group Led by: R. Van Der Wijngaart, NASA
- Grid Event Service Led by: Warren Smith, NASA-Ames Craig Lee Aerospace Corporation
- Grid High-Performance Networking RG Led by: N. S. Rao, ORNL
- Grid Resource Management Protocol WG BOF Led by: Volker Sander, Juelich
- Grid Services Led by: I. Foster, ANL and UC, J. Nick, IBM, and S. Tuecke, ANL
- Involving Industry in GGF - Y2002 Plan Led by: C. Klabunde, Boeing Representative, Johnson & Johnson, and M. Spada, ANL
- Kerberos and Grid Computing Led by: D. Duffy
- Network Storage Research Group Led by: M. Beck, Univ of Tennessee
- New Productivity Initiative (NPi) Led by: D. Pulsipher, Cadence
- Open Source Software Licensing and Business Models WG Led by: I. Foster, ANL, F. Gagliardi, CERN, and M. Spada, ANL
- P2P Working Group and GGF: How we work together in Y2002 Led by: Andrew Chien, Chair, P2P Working Group
- Quality of Service (QoS) Applied to GRIDS Network Working Group Led by: T. Ndousse, US Dept of Energy, T. Ferrari, CNAF
- Sensor Management Working Group Led by: Tom Roney, NCSA, Brian Tierney, LBL
- Web Services and the Grid Led by: D. Turner, Microsoft


Tutorial - Introduction into Grid Computing - the Globus Project (cont'd) (I. Foster, C. Kesselman, S. Tuecke)
Tutorial - Security in Grid Computing (M. Humphrey and M. Thompson)
Tutorial- Global Grids in Action: Architectural Principles, Case Studies, and a Live AVAKI Grid (A. Grimshaw)
Tutorial- Grid Computing in Java and Python (K. Jackson)
Tutorial- Grid Programming with Web Services, Software Components and Portal Development Tools (D. Gannon, G. Fox, M. Thomas)

Other Meetings:

Sidebar - GGF5 Program Committee
Sidebar - NMI Project Team

Special Thanks to Our GGF4 Program Committee:

  • Roger Impey, NRC Program Co-Chair
  • Malcolm Atkinson, EPSRC, GGF5 Program Co-Chair
  • Kyriakos Baxevanidis, CEC
  • Alan Blatecky, NSF
  • Randy Butler, NCSA
  • Catherine Carter, Platform Computing
  • Vladimir Getov, Univ. of Westminster
  • Geoff Jordan, Level 3 Communications
  • Domenico Laforenza, CNUCE
  • Paul Messina, Caltech
  • Jeffrey Nick, IBM
  • Alexander Reinfeld, ZIB Berlin
  • Mary Anne Scott, DOE
  • Satoshi Sekiguchi, AIST
  • Mary Spada, GGF Executive Director, ANL



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