Past GGF Events

GGF3 - The Third Global Grid Forum
October 7 - 11, 2001
Frascati, Italy (near Rome)

Despite the tragic world events, GGF-3 had over 250 participants from over 20 countries.  There were over 12 new WG’s presented during the GGF3 BOFs, indicative of the growth in the scope of areas requiring standards development.

GGF3 Participants

Plenary Program:

  • Global Grid Forum Overview and Update, Goals and Activities
  • Updates presented by each Area Lead - led by GFSG member, Jennifer Schopf, ANL
  • Welcome: An Update on Global Grid Forum Around the World (Charlie Catlett , GGF Chair)
  • Keynote: John Perry Barlow (Co-Founder, Electronic Frontier Foundation)
  • Grids and Grid Technologies - Basic Overview (Ian Foster, Argonne National Laboratory and Univ. of Chicago)
  • Grid Computing: Evolution and Opportunity (Songian Zhou Chairman and CTO, PLATFORM COMPUTING)
  • Globus replica catalog presentation
  • Requirements for a resource management protocol
  • Grid Applications: Beyond "Big Science" (Bill Blake, Vice President COMPAQ)
  • GGF5 Program Committee Meeting 
  • Grid Projects in North America led by Paul Messina, Caltech, Chair GFAC
  • NSF Middleware Initiative (Alan R. Blatecky, National Science Foundation, USA)
  • Canadian grids (Roger Impey, NRC Canada)
  • Distributed Terascale Facility/TeraGrid -- Reagan Moore, SDSC 
  • NPACInet (Marty Humphrey, University of Virginia)
  • NASA Information Power Grid (Bill Johnston, LBL)
  • DOE Science grid (Keith Jackson, LBL)
  • The Naval Asset Look-up System (NALU) - Brian Sayrs (Digital System Resources) and Keith Lee (Sun Microsystems Professional Services)
  • Assignment Schemes for Replicated Services in Jini - Vasal Georgiev and Vladimir Getov (Univ. of Westminster)
  • ICENI - A Jini based Grid Middleware for Exploiting Federated Resources - Steven Newhouse and Nathalie Furmento (Imperial College)
  • Market-Based Grid Accounting Survey Results
  • Resource Accounting- Current Practices
  • Discussion of how ACCT WG can work with IRTF AAA WG
  • Evolution of the Grid in Europe - The European Commission perspective (Kyriakos Baxevenidis, European Union)
  • Discussion of joint projects and demonstrations
  • Group Organizational Meeting
  • Discussions of possible WGs and RGs
  • Assessment of interest and commitment to proposed groups
  • Discussion of API for distributed resource management applications
  • Update on Grid Computing led by Wolfgang Gentzsch SUN MICROSYSTEMS
  • Grid Testbeds in Europe - Panel 2 led by Mirco Mazzucato, INFN Geant  (F Liello/Dai Davies (TBC))
  • DataGrid (Fabrizio Gagliardi, CERN)
  • INFN Grid (A. Ghiselli)
  • UK grid (Anne Trefthen/Malcolm Atkinson, EPSRC)
  • Working discussion of the "Projects reviews land comparisons" white paper
  • Highlights of Grid Applications led by Roger Impey, NRC
  • GrADS (Grid Application Development Software) (Ian Foster, ANL/Univ. of Chicago)
  • ASCI Grids Services Project (Steven L. Humphreys, Sandia)
  • Supporting the Development of Security Applications (R. Tirler, CEC)
  • Attributes for communication about scheduling instances
  • Web Services
  • GCE testbed - protocols, authentication, starting points
  • Grid Testbeds in Europe - Panel 1led by Jarek Nabrzyski
  • "EUROGRID", Karl Solchenbach
  • "UNICORE: From Testbed to Production Use" Erwin Dietmar
  • "GridLab - Grid Application Toolkit and Testbed",  Ed Seidel
  • "DataTag",  speaker TBC
  • "CrossGrid",  Jesus Marco
  • Presentations from IRTF - Authorization, Authentication and Accounting Research Group by AAA Co-Chair
  • Updates from EU Performance monitoring Projects
  • DataGrid WP3 - Relational approach to informatin and monitoring systems
  • APART-2, MTA SZTAKI by Peter Kacsuk
  • Private Sector Funding of Grids led by Herve Lebret CEO
  • INDEX VENTURES Hall [Aula] B. Touschek led by Charlie Catlett, Mirco Mazzucato and Ian Foster
  • why Industry is (and should be) interested in Grids and Grid Technologies
  • how to get more Industry involvement in GGF
  • Grid and Grid-Related Funding Updates - A Panel Discussion led by Kyriakos Baxevanidis, European Union

Alan Blatecky, National Science Foundation
Mario Campolargo, European Union
Prof. Roberto Petronzio, INFN (invited)
Mary Anne Scott, U.S. Department of Energy
Satoshi Sekiguchi, AIST
Bill Thigpen, NASA
Anne Trefethen, EPSRC UK

  • Presentation of 4 approaches: Layers of abstraction, building block interactions, concept space, hybrid of blocks and space
  • Identify set of use-cases to illustration
  • Services and Tools: Requirements for Effective Grid Support Services, Document review
  • NASA IPG Resource Defintiions
  • Observation based external assesments for Grid Computing Environments
  • Closing Plenary: GGF Progress Update
  • Progress Reports from each WG and Area Chair led by GFSG Member, Jennifer Schopf
  • GGF4 Program Committee Meeting

Working/Research Groups:
(APE Area)
(DATA Area) European Data Grid project will present GDMP replication system and SQLDB persistency service
Accounting RG (ARCH Area)
Accounting WG (Arch Area) (2 Sessions)
Applications RG (APE Area)
Applications WG
Discuss Grid Infrastructure and Testbed Requirements for Application Developers and Users
Grid Computing Environments (GCE) WG (APE Area)
Grid Constitution document review and final edits
Grid Protocol Architecture (GPA) RG (ARCH Area)
Grid Resource Management WG (SRM Area)
Grid User Services (GUS) WG (APE Area) (2 Sessions)
GridFTP Protocol WG (DATA Area)
JINI WG (ARCH Area) (2 Sessions)
Perf WG (PERF Area)
Performance WG (PERF AREA)
Replica Management WG
Sched WD (2 Sessions)
Scheduling Attributes (SA) WG (SRM Area)

Command Line Archiving API 
Distributed Resource Management Application API (DRMAA) 
General Networking 
Industry and Grids 
Network Measurements
Persistent Archives 
Scheduling Command Line API (SCLA) 
Scheduling Optimization



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