Past GGF Events

GGF2 - The Second Global Grid Forum
July 15 - 18, 2001
Vienna, Virginia, USA
(in the Washington, DC area)
Sheraton Premiere at Tysons Corner

GGF-2 was the first workshop held in the US following the formation of Global Grid Forum in October 2000. GGF-2 had roughly 350 participants from over 20 countries and over 150 organizations. Over 40 document drafts were discussed at GGF-2, including a draft outlining an official GGF document series process.

GGF2 Participants

Plenary Program:

  • Opening Reception for Newcomers and Working Group Chairs  (Capital Club)
  • Welcome: Charlie Catlett, Chair, Global GF
  • Keynote: Powering the Web (Junior Ballroom)Edward Jung CEO, OpenDesign Co-Founder, Intellectual Ventures
  • Sun Microsystems "Sun GridPlanet Portal" Speaker - Wolfgang Gentzsch
  • Compaq "What can a Computer Manufacturer Bring to the Grid?" Speaker - Sara Murphy
  • Network Update "Network Middleware: From the Services Provider POV (i.e. directory-enabled networks, network management/traffic, engineering, etc.)"Cisco Systems - Robert Aiken  Qwest Communications - Wes Kaplow
  • PERF Timestamp / Networking Monitoring / Archiving GCE-1 ACCT Document Review DATA Scientific Grid Efforts (45 min.) Moderator - Marty Humphrey, UVA
  • HEP Data Grids  - PPDG R. Pordes, Fermilab  NEES -  T. Prudhomme, NCSA  ASCI Grid Services, S. Humphreys, Sandia National Lab. Earth Systems Grid I. Foster, Argonne National Lab.
  • PERF/GIS RDF / GNF / GMA Dictionary APPS Open Commercial Grid Efforts Moderator - Terry Disz, Argonne National Laboratory Spotlight - Johnson & Johnson:  Update on Grid-related Efforts (30 min) Stuart Kippelman, Corporate Director, Computing Research
  • Panel/Audience Discussion - Focus Areas for the GGF Towards Extending Use of Grid Tools & Services (60 min) Boeing Charles Klabunde, Manager, Internet2 Test Bed, Mathematics & Computing Technology  Johnson & Johnson  Stuart Kippelman, Corporate Director, Computing Research  Distributed Rap Sessions Valerie Taylor, Project Co-leader Northwestern University  HF Considerations Emilee Patrick, User-Centered Research, Motorola Labs 
  • Platform Computing "Building Production Grids" Speaker - Bill DeSalvo
  • Microsoft "Hailstorm/Passport - Present and future directions of authentication services"  
  • MS Passport Security BOF Federal Program Updates Moderator - Aram Kevorkian, Navy
  • "Uniform Command- Line Interfaces for Job Submissions and Data Archiving" Dr. Joe Werne and Dr. Michael Gourlay, CoRA NSF PACI
  • GSI GSS-API Extensions and 'Multiple User Credentials' Application Initiative Spotlight
  • Linking Radio Telescopes-Global VLBI WG Update Alan Whitney, MIT Haystack Observatory Ed Seidel, Max-Plank Institut fuer Gravitational Physik
  • Protocols & Implementations: Work in Progress
    Simple XML; Python GMA; Relational Model; Others(?) APPS Open Security
    GSI Proxy Certificates and Delegation Experiences in Building a Grid "NASA's Information Power Grid Setting up a Grid for High-End Scientific Computing" William Johnston NASA Ames/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • JXTA Overview, Dennis Gannon, Indiana Univ.
  • Discussion of P-2-P and possible joint efforts with P-2-P WG
  • Discussion of the inclusion of new technologies such as JXTA in the group
  • Update on Globus activities and timelines 
  • Report on new data grid security applications
  • Overview of distributed storage and I/O R&D
  • Concerns and requirements of users
  • GGF Areas-Steering and Structure Led by Charlie Catlett Chair, Global Grid Forum
  • View from Washington US Federal Program Managers Panel on Grid Funding Moderator - Alan Blatecky National Science Foundation  Mary Anne Scott, DOE  Bret Peterson, National Center for Research Resoureces, NIH
  • CP Discussions SC Global Update Ian Foster, Senior Scientist and Professor of Computer Science Argonne National Laboratory and University of Chicago
  • Towards a Model-Driven Semantic Grid Erick Von Schweber Co-Organizer, Software Services Grid Workshop CTO, Cacheon, Inc.
  • Distributed Rap Sessions - Building Virtual Communities Valerie Taylor, Project Co-leader Northwestern University 
  • National Grid Project of Korea Dr. Sangsan Lee, Director Supercomputing Center of Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI)
  • Recent European Grid Funding Initiatives and Projects Fabrizio Gagliardi, CERN
  • GGF Process and Structure Update Charlie Catlett, Chair,  Global Grid Forum
  • Closing Plenary

Working/Research Groups:
ACCT (2 Sessions)
Advance reservation protocol (1 of 2)
APM - Document Review Grid Protocol Arch. (GPA)
DATA Security (2 Sessions)
Design ACE
Dictionary for Scheduling Security
GCE (2 Sessions)
GIS (2 Sessions)
Grid CP
Grid RPC
Grid User Services (GUS) (2 Sessions)
PERF (2 Sessions)
PERF GMA / LDAP / Testbed SCHED attributes for schedulers JINI ACE
 Research Agenda SCHED
Tutorial 1: Grids and Grid Technologies: A Primer led by Ian Foster, Argonne National Laboratory and University of Chicago (see also Anatomy of a Grid)
Tutorial 2: Globus led by Steve Tuecke, Argonne National Laboratory Featured Technical Development (45 min.) Results of the First Wavelength Disk Drive to Support Grid Applications Bill St. Arnaud, Canarie Rick Ingram, Can-Sol Andre Cormier, Viagenie
Tutorial 3: Condor led by Miron Livny, University of Wisconsin
Tutorial 4: Legion led by Marty Humphrey, Univ. of Virginia
Tutorial 5: LDAP led by Peter Gietz, DAASI International 
Tutorial 6a: XML led by Reagan Moore 
Tutorial 6b: XML  led by Reagan Moore, San Diego Supercomputing Center 

- Condor BOF led by Miron Livny, University of Wisconsin Update on Condor-G
- Networks BOF led by Thomas Ndousse, Program Manager
- Legion BOF led by Andrew Grimshaw, Avaki Corporation
- Industrial Grids BOF led by Charlie Catlett, Global Grid Forum Chair and Ian Foster Argonne National Laboratory
- NPI BOF led by Paul Foley and Ian Baird, Platform Computing
- Globus BOF led by Ian Foster, Argonne National Laboratory and the University of Chicago

Other Meetings:
Newcomer Orientation

A Special Thanks to the GGF-2 Program Committee:
Robert Aiken (Cisco) 
Todd Needham (Microsoft)
Randy Butler (NCSA)  
Marty Humphrey (U of Virginia)
Carl Kesselman (USC/ISI)
Aram Kevorkian (DoD/SSC San Diego)
Mary Anne Scott (Department of Energy)
Satoshi Sekiguchi (Electrotechnical Laboratory, Japan)
Mary Spada, Chair (Argonne National Laboratory)
Valerie Taylor (Northwestern U)
Julie Wulf (Argonne National Laboratory)



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