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GGF13 - The thirteenth Global Grid Forum
March 14-17, 2005
Seoul, Korea

GGF13 Summary
Over 475 participants from 26 different countries attended GGF13 in Seoul, March 13-16, 2005, hosted by KISTI (Korean Institute of Science and Technology Information) and GFK (Grid Forum Korea).

A one and a half day regional plenary program coordinated by GFK consisted of keynote talks, panel discussions and presentations by key A/P grid developers and deployers. There has been significant progress in Grid activities in Asia since the last GGF in Asia (GGF7 in Tokyo). At present, there exist 10 national scale Grid projects from seven economies in Asia, in addition to large number of small to medium scale projects. GGF13 provided an opportunity for the leaders of these projects to get together, for the first time, and discuss regional collaboration on Grid. As a result, organization to address collaboration and cooperation among the national Grid projects of Asia is being formed. Moreover, the meeting provided a chance to show Grid activities in Asia to the world, and helped to initiate numerous collaborations among Asia, North America, and Europe.

GGF Working Groups and Research Groups (WG/RG) met to discuss, collaborate and produce documents for the standardization of computing. Over 58 WG/RG Sessions met and 6 BoFs, 5 Workshops and 2 Tutorials were held throughout the week.

  • BoFs
    – OGSA BYTEIO-WG Charter Discussion BoF (DATA)
    – Firewall Issues Charter Discussion BoF (GRID SEC)
    – Sensor Grid Requirement-RG Charter Discussion BoF (ARCH)
    – WS Delegation AdHoc BoF (GRID SEC)
    – OSGA – Basic Execution Services-WG Charter Discussion BoF (SRM)
    – Grid VPN-RG Charter Discussion BoF (DATA)
  • Workshops
    – Asia Grid Summit
    – Healthcare Applications on Grids
    – Grid Economy
    – The Usable Grid
    – e-Science
  • Tutorials
    – OGSA-DAI Developers
    – Distributed Resource Management Application API

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Participants List

Area and Group Highlights

GFK/KISTI GGF13 Highlights, by Dr. Jysoo Lee, Director of KISTI


  1. Business Grid, or commercial application of Grid technology, has been very limited in Korea. Several examples of Business Grid were introduced during the Grid Economy Workshop and the Business Grid plenary. As a result, several Korean companies such as KT (Korea telecom) and Samsung Networks are seriously considering investing in Grid technology.
  2. Korea is well-known for its advanced IT infrastructure. Although Grid can be combined with it to build a unique and efficient testbed, the importance of Grid has not gotten through policy makers. Several efforts by senior GGF people, including discussion with the minister of MIC, helped to convey the importance of Grid to policy makers
  3. GGF, and Grid community in general, has been dominated by North America and Europe. Asia, with the possible exception of Japan, has joined the effort later. Grid community of Asia wishes to contribute to the world-wide effort of Grid, and I sincerely hope GGF to pay particular attention to help them to be incorporated to the Grid community of the world.

Discussions among government agencies

  1. There was a meeting between Director General of MIC (Ministry of Information and Communication) of Korea, KISTI, and European delegate (Ulf Dahlsten and Wolfgang Boch). The discussion includes collaborations in many areas of Grid, including infrastructure, personnel exchange, and training.
  2. There was a MoU signing between NGO (national Grid office) of Singapore and KISTI. Both agreed to work together in many areas of Grid, including P2P computing, Grid middleware, and applications.


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