Past GGF Events

GGF12 - The Twelfth Global Grid Forum
“Grids Deployed in the Enterprise”
September 20-23, 2004
Brussels, Belgium

Event Co-Sponsors:
EMC, IBM, Force10, GridXpert, The 451 Group, Intel, Oracle

The meeting gathered ~500 grid enthusiasts, practitioners and experts.

GGF12 Participants
Plenary Program
Working/Research Group and Workshop Schedule
Complete Schedule

Keynote Speaker(s):

J. Mark Cates - Presentation
Senior Vice President
Managing Director & Chief Technology Officer, Corporate and Investment Banking

Gurmehar (Guru) Bhatia, Intel – Presentation
Director, Engineering Computing Information Technology

Manuel Peitsch, Novartis - Presentation
Global Head of Information and Knowledge Management at NIBR

Plenary Panels Presentations:
Automotive panel
Role of Standards in Enterprise Grids
Telecom Industry Panel

Working/Research Groups / Submitted Working Draft Documents
Grid Checkpoint/Recovery (GridCPR-WG) (2 Sessions)
Grid Remote Procedure Call (GridRPC-WG)
Applications and Test Beds (APPS-RG)
Astronomical Grid Community (ASTRO-RG)
Grid User Services (GUS-RG)
Life Sciences Grid (LSG-RG)
Production Grid Management (PGM-RG)
Simple API for Grid Applications (SAGA-RG) (3 Sessions)
User Program Development Tools for the Grid (UPDT-RG)
Open Grid Service Common Management Model (CMM-WG)
Open Grid Serivces Architecture (OGSA-WG) (7 Sessions)
Enterprise Grid Requirements (EGR-RG) (2 Sessions)
Data Access and Integration Services (DAIS-WG) (3 Sessions)
Data Format Description Language (DFDL-WG) (2 Sessions)
Grid File Systems (GFS-WG)
Grid Storage Management (GSM-WG) (3 Sessions)
Information Dissemination (INFOD-WG) (3 Sessions)
Grid High-Performance Networking (GHPN-RG) (2 Sessions)
Open Grid Service Architecture Authorization (OGSA-AUTHZ-WG)
CIM based Grid Schema (CGS-WG) (4 Sessions)
Grid Information Retrieval (GIR-WG)
Network Measurements (NM-WG) (2 Sessions)
Network Measurements for Applications (NMA-RG)
GGF Process-WG
Configuration Description, Deployment, and Lifecycle Management (CDDLM-WG) (6 Sessions)
Distributed Resource Management Application API (DRMAA-WG)
Grid Resource Allocation Agreement Protocol (GRAAP-WG) (3 Sessions)
Job Submission Description Language (JSDL-WG) (5 Sessions)
Grid Scheduling Architecture (GSA-RG) (2 Sessions)
Workflow Management (WFM-RG)  (2 Sessions)

Charter Discussion BOFs:
Reliability & Robustness in Grid Computing Systems/GridRel-WG
Access to Data in Files-WG
Transaction Management-RG
Application Contents Service-WG
Ad Hoc Meetings:
Grid Enabled Knowledge Marts

- Grid Application Programming Interfaces
- CDDLM of Grid Services  
- Operational Security for the Grid  
- Enterprise Grid Solutions & Deployments
Other Sessions:
Introduction to Common Information Model




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