Past GGF Events

GGF1 - The First Global Grid Forum
March 4-7, 2001
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hosted by:
The Amsterdam Science and Technology Center

GGF1 was the first workshop held outside of the U.S. and the first workshop following a merger of the Grid Forum with eGrid (European Grid Forum) and the Asia-Pacific Grid Forum community. GGF1 had over 350 participants from 28 countries and over 190 organizations. Roughly 220 participants were from Europe, 120 from North America, 2 from Africa, and 15 from Asia-Pacific countries. 45 Grid Working Drafts were discussed at GGF-1.

A Selection of Talks

  • March 4- Orientation Session for First-Time Participants: Overview of Global Grid Forum (Charlie Catlett, GGF Chair, Argonne National Laboratory)
  • Welcome and GGF Status (Charlie Catlett, GGF Chair, Argonne National Laboratory)
  • KEYNOTE: What Comes Next in Internet Infrastructure? (Brian Carpenter, ISOC Chair)
  • Grid-Based Computing in the Netherlands (Henri Bal, Free University of Amsterdam)
  • Tutorial: Introduction to Grids (Ian Foster, University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory)
  • The European Union Policy on the Grid - Prospects for the Future (Frans de Bru´ne, EU-IST program)
  • The U.K. Grid Program (Tony Hey, Director of U.K. Science Core Programme)
  • A View into the Future - Visions of the Grid (Rick Stevens, Argonne National Laboratory)

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