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Community Involvement

October 3-6, 2005
Boston, MA, USA


Sunday, October 2
Campus Grids Workshop
will be hosted by Harvard University on Sunday, October 2 Workshop follow-up panels will be scheduled between October 3-6 - stay tuned for details.

Monday, October 3

GGF Opening
Mark Linesch, GGF Chair

Location: Imperial Ballroom


eScience and Cyberinfrastructure- The Middleware Challenge
Tony Hey, Vice President, Technical Computing for Microsoft Corporation

Location: Imperial Ballroom


Community Activity: Leveraging Site Infrastructure for Multi-Site Grids

Von Welch, NCSA

This community workshop will contain a number of invited speakers who will present their experiences of attempts in exploring how VOs (Virtual Organizations) spanning multiple sites can benefit from increased leveraging of the infrastructure of those sites.

Location: Georgian (Mezz)


Community Activity: Security and Privacy Needs of Health Grids
Dave Angulo, DePaul

This community workshop will explore the issues surrounding security and privacy in the healthcare industry and how it relates or challenges GGF.

Location: Arlington (Mezz)


Campus Grids: Community Roundtable Discussion

Laura McGinnis, PGS-RG

This panel is a follow-up to discussions held at the Sunday workshop about
commonalities across the grids - formation methodologies, recruiting
applications, best/common practices, lessons learned & pitfalls, etc.

2-3:30 White Hill Room
4-5:30 Charles River Room


Community Activity: New Technologies for Science Portals
Marlon Pierce, Indiana University

This Community Technology Update is a follow-up to the GGF12 portals tutorial and GGF14 Science Gateways Workshop to review technologies for building Grid computing portals.

Location: Imperial Ballroom

Tuesday, October 4

Community Activity: Building Geographical Information System Grids
Marlon Pierce , Indiana University

This community forum will include overview presentations and discussions from Grid system groups such as GEON, LAITS, LEAD, SERVOGrid, SCOOPs, and other server efforts which Geographical information systems (GIS) are beginning to play a prominent role.

Location: Berkeley/Clarendon (Mezz)


Community Activity: Web Services Performance: Issues & Research
Kenneth Chiu
and Yuichi Nakamura, SUNY Binghamton and IBM Tokyo Research, respectively

This session will foster discussion on research directions, and
metaquestions such as when Web services performance is a problem, the
impact of Web services performance issues, and even whether or not Web
services performance is an actual problem.

Location: Hancock (Mezz)

Wednesday, October 5

Community Activity: Use of Web Services for NM Applications

Mark Leese, CCLRC - Daresbury Laboratory

The session is aimed at anyone seeking to reinforce or expand their Web Services knowledge, or make use of the NM-WG schemata.

Location: Berkeley/Clarendon (Mezz)


Community Activity: OMII

Steven Newhouse, The Open Middleware Infrastructure Institute

This community tutorial introduces the new features of the OMII 2.0.0 release. OMII - The Open Middleware Infrastructure Institute ( is an institute of the University Of Southampton.

Location: Hancock (Mezz)


Community Activity: User Management and Access Control within the Grid
Chad La Joie, Georgetown University/Int

This talk will focus on how new and emerging identity management and access control technologies and standards can help produce more secure, manageable, and scalable grid systems.

Location: Berkeley/Clarendon (Mezz)


Community Activity: Provisioning & Managing Switching Infrastructure as a Grid Resource
Yaron Haviv, Voltaire

This community presentation, endorsed by the GHPN-RG, will explore how switching can be integrated as part of the grid framework and how switches can be provisioned as another element in the grid resource framework.

Location: Hancock (Mezz)

Thursday, October 6

"Grid - Where Worlds Collide"
Andrew Grimshaw, Professor of Computer Science, University of Virginia

Location: Imperial Ballroom


Community Activity: OGSA-DAI Community Technology Update
Amy Krause, EPCC

This community technology update will give a general introduction to OGSA-DAI, a widely-used piece of middleware used to access data sources within Grids.

Location: Imperial Ballroom


Community Activity: Building a Java Service Using the Globus Toolkit v4
Charles Bacon and Lisa Childers, The Globus Alliance

This community technology update is designed to teach developers how to build a Java Service using the Globus Toolkit (GT4), an open source middleware software used in building grids around the world.

Location: Plaza Ballroom


Community Activity: Grid Requirements, Roadmaps and Use Cases
Geoffrey Fox, Indiana University and Craig Lee, The Aerospace Corporation

This community workshop contains short presentations on requirements, technology roadmaps, and use cases for significant grid projects, e.g., institutional, national and international projects.

Location: Stanbro Room


Community Activity: Reliability and Robustness BOF

Chris Dabrowski, NIST

This session will focus on the question of how future grid computing systems that implement emerging Web Services and Grid standards can achieve levels of reliability required for critical enterprise applications.

Location: White Hill Room




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