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Boston, MA, USA
October 3-6, 2005

3-6 October, 2005
Park Plaza Hotel, Boston, MA, US

GGF15 Summary

GridWorld/GGF15 version 1.0. Boston’s historic Park Plaza Hotel was the venue for this inaugural event with a three-fold program:

There was something for everyone and many of the 460 participants walked away with a better understanding of how grid technologies can make a difference in their organizations.

The four-day Community and Standards Programs started with a joint plenary presentation with GGF Chair Mark Linesch and Tony Hey, Vice President of Technical Computing for Microsoft. A highlight of Linesch’s portion was presenting leadership awards to Geoffrey Fox (for launching GGF’s Community Program) and Walter Stewart (for leadership of the Enterprise program). Hey’s presentation gave numerous examples of the positive impact grids are having on eScience activities in the research and commercial sectors. The opening was followed by three days of Community sessions on subjects ranging from grid security to grid portals to privacy issues in healthcare environments (Community Program presentations). Andrew Grimshaw (U of Virginia) gave an excellent closing keynote on how grid deployment often causes people from different “world’s” (management, operations, users) to ‘collide’ (slides).

In parallel, GGF’s groups got down to business discussing grid architectures and specifications. GridWorld/GGF15 may be recorded as one of the most productive events for GGF’s Standards activities as no less than 15 draft documents discussed during the week were submitted for publication to the GGF Editor. Other important discussions were held on topics such as:

  • Developing a use case repository (a prototype was presented)
  • Defining a robust and reliable grid
  • Requirements for sensor grids
  • Security issues with grids and VPNs
  • And many more…

Linesch then opened the two-day Enterprise program and introduced opening keynote Gary Beach, Sr. Editor of CIO Magazine, who made a business case for why enterprises are adopting grids (slides). This keynote launched two full days of grid topics ranging from case studies of grid usage in numerous commercial environments to discussions over perceived roadblocks to grid adoption. Participants also heard from leading analysts about the future impact of grids in the industry (Enterprise Program Presentations).

Meanwhile, over fifteen sponsoring organizations networked with decision-makers in the sponsor showcase area. Many of these organizations took the opportunity to make key announcements regarding their product lines. Expectations are high for this to increase in scope and number during next year’s GridWorld event. The media and analysts were also well represented at GridWorld. Over forty members of the press attended sessions, held private interviews and many produced excellent articles about the topics and organizations represented at the event (list of articles). One of GGF’s security groups (CAOPS-WG) played a significant role in the announcement of an International Grid Trust Federation (IGTF) which enables individuals with a single authentication to use resources on three different continents (IGTF News Release).

It’s impossible to list all of the highlights of GridWorld/GGF15. We all learned the bumps that can occur in any inaugural event but the expectation is high that future GridWorld events will improve with time and attention to the lessons learned during GridWorld/GGF15 version 1.0.

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GGF15 Images and Quotes

"GridWorld demonstrated that this technology is starting to be adopted in areas outside of the traditional high-performance computing markets,"
- Dan Kusnetzky a vice president with IDC.

"I want to implore the Grid community and the industry at large to rally around the GGF as the core standards making body for Grid computing."
- Albert Bunshaft, IBM

Tony Hey from Microsoft gives his keynote address.


"Grid is here and it's real."
- Mike Bernhardt

A packed house listens to a speech in the Imperial Ballroom.

"No one company can solve this...It has to be a community of companies, standards bodies and academic institutions."
- Steve Yatko, Credit Suisse First Boston.








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