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 +{{:​events:​egi_conference_2015_medium.png?​nolink |}}
 +OGF 44 will be held May 21-22, 2015 co-located with the [[http://​​|EGI Conference 2015]] that will be held May 18-22, 2015 in Lisbon, Portugal. The OGF group meetings will run from Thursday through Friday and will all topics topics of general interest to the OGF community, including meetings of the cloud, grid, networking, security, applications and API design communities. ​
 +Events to be co-located at the EGI Conference include the EUBrazilCC workshop (Monday, 18 May), the European Globus Community Forum (Wednesday, 20 May) and OGF 44 (Thursday-Friday,​ 21-22 May). At this time, we expect to have meetings of working and community groups in the [[structure:​areas_and_groups|Security Area]] and the [[http://​|Open Cloud Computing Interface working group]], as well as a [[http://​|Cloud Interoperability Plugfest]] for hands-on developer-oriented standards implementation and software testing taking place during this period.
 +Further sessions may be requested using the [[events:​ogf-44:​call_for_session_proposals|Call for Session Proposals]] link here. Details of sessions to be planned at this conference will be posted in this location once requests have been received and processed. Meanwhile, ​ please visit the [[http://​​|EGI Conference pages]] for relevant event registration,​ hotel, local transportation,​ and venue details. ​
 +**Registering for the EGI Conference will entitle you to attend all of the associated events, including the OGF sessions and Cloud Plugfest.**
 +** Remote participation for the [[http://​|Cloud Plugfest]] is also available; [[mailto:​|contact the organizers for details]] or simply [[http://​​bn00f1|register here for in-person or remote Cloud Plugfest participation]].**