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 +OGF will meet with all appropriate working groups at the [[https://​​xsede14|XSEDE 2014 conference]] July 13-18, 2014 in Atlanta, GA, USA. 
 +This very large and diverse conference should be a good meeting location for OGF work and community groups working on topics related to engagement of multi-scale user technologies (such as GLUE, BES, JSDL and other workflow and scheduling technologies) as well as Security, Federated Identity Management and other topics of interest to campus and community engagement.
 +We encourage BOF and tutorial submissions to the XSEDE conference on topics related to OGF technologies in a wide variety of areas. For details on how to request an OGF session, see the [[events:​ogf-41:​call_for_session_proposals|Call for Session Proposals]]. ​
 +The current schedule is online and browsable now at [[http://​|]] - be sure to search and to mark your schedule for all of the sessions marked "Open Grid Forum Track",​ or just follow [[http://​​overview/​type/​open+grid+forum|this link]] to get a list of all OGF sessions!