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 +The 40th gathering of the Open Grid Forum and its working groups will be held Wednesday, 15 January through Friday, 17 January 2014 on the campus of the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom, hosted by the [[http://​|Oxford e-Research Centre (OeRC)]].
 +**Venue Details**
 +[[http://​​roq/​maths.html|Mathematical Institute]] \\
 +University of Oxford \\
 +Radcliffe Observatory Quarter \\
 +Woodstock Road \\
 +Oxford OX2 6GG
 +[[https://​​maps/​ms?​msa=0&​msid=111967238302676048583.00047f07cc20fe63a03e7&​z=17|Map to OGF-40 venue]]
 +**All OGF working groups are encouraged to meet.** This event should be of special interest to the Security and Infrastructure Areas, including our [[http://​|OCCI]] and other cloud-related working and community groups, taking advantage of meetings earlier in the week of the separate [[http://​​kelsey/​venue.html|EUGridPMA and SCI meetings nearby in Abingdon]] and the [[https://​​indico/​​confId=1986|EGI Federated Cloud face-to-face meeting in Oxford]]. Other OGF group meetings to take place during OGF-40 include the Basic Execution Services, GLUE and JSDL working groups. There will be an OGF Town Hall and meetings of the Grid Forum Steering Group and the Nominating Committee.
 +[[events:​ogf-40:​schedule|The complete OGF-40 schedule is linked here.]] Information on [[events:​ogf-40:​travel|travel]] and [[events:​ogf-40:​lodging|lodging]] is also available. ​
 +For convenience for those attending the EUGridPMA and SCI meetings earlier in the week and staying at The Cosener'​s House in Abingdon, {{:​events:​coseners-house-to-oxford.pdf|this map}} shows one of several ways to use public transport to traverse the distance to the OGF-40 security meetings in Oxford, with an approximate travel time of 45 minutes. Further details are available on [[http://​​kelsey/​transportation.html|that meeting’s transportation information page]].
 +[[http://​​browse/​extra_info.asp?​compid=1&​modid=2&​d%20eptid=172&​catid=54&​prodid=218|Register now for OGF 40 at this link.]] The [[events:​ogf-40:​call_for_session_proposals|Call for Session Proposals]] has been closed but special requests for rooms and sessions might still be accommodated;​ please check with the organizers using our [[:​contact|Contact link]]. If you have questions about meetings that might still be arranged, please contact your [[:​about:​steering_group|area director]].
 +We look forward to seeing you in Oxford and in Abingdon, as appropriate,​ for this important set of meetings.