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 +===== Venue =====
 +**OGF-38a** focuses explicitly on our Networking Community, under the umbrella of the [[https://​​|Terena 2013 Networking Conference]] (TNC'​2013):​ a full day is scheduled for a joint meeting of the GLIF Technical Working Group and the OGF Networking Working Groups, to progress work on common service specifications for lambda grids, as well as the AutoGOLE pilot.
 +The Meeting is scheduled from Thursday, June 6th 2013, 14:00-17:30 until Friday, June 7th 2013, 9:00-12:30, at the [[https://​​web/​venue|Maastricht Exhibition & Conference Centre]] ​ -- the exact meeting location will be  [[https://​​core/​event/​20|published at this link]]. ​
 +===== Registration =====
 +Registration for the main TNC2013 conference is handled by [[https://​​web/​participate/​register|Terena]],​ as are the [[https://​​web/​venue/​hotels|accommodation arrangements]]. ​
 +Registration for the OGF/GLIF meeting (OGF38a) is free. Participants do not need to register for the main TNC2013 conference if they are planning **only** to attend the OGF/GLIF meeting, but must register for the OGF/GLIF meeting separately at [[https://​​events/​details.php?​event_id=2530|this link]].  ​
 +===== Agenda =====
 +A provisional agenda is available at the [[http://​​meetings/​2013/​summer/​|GLIF event page]].