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Anatomy of the Grid: Enabling Scalable Virtual Organizations
Penned by Ian Foster, Carl Kesselman, and Steve Tuecke, this paper has become one of the most influential papers on grid computing. The authors provide their definition of grid computing and the associated research field, propose an early concept for a Grid architecture, and discuss the relationships between Grid technologies and other contemporary technologies.

The Physiology of the Grid: An Open Grid Services Architecture for Distributed Systems Integration.
Foster, Kesselman, Tuecke, and Jeffry Nick wrote this follow-up paper which describes the architectural and infrastructure needs of grids. This document was produced in the context of GGF's Open Grid Service Infrastructure Working Group.

Cluster and Grid Computing in Japan: Today and in 2010
Executive Summary: Grids Will Create an IT Revolution ( Japanese version )

Accelerating the Adoption of Grid Solutions in the Enterprise
This 15 page EGA document discusses enterprise grids, barriers to adoption, and EGA's roadmap to accelerate adoption.

Grid Computing Looking Forward
This 27 page Intel document provides a technical grid computing overview, usage models, technology transitions and industry viewpoints.

Grid Computing and Finance
This 10 page Intel document discusses using grid technology to solve financial industry problems, the benefits of grid for financial companies, and an application demonstration.

Distributed Storage for a Scalable Grid Infrastructure
This 27 page Network Appliance document provides an executive overview, background of grid computing and storage grids, technical strategies, business drivers, desirable grid characteristics, a solution overview, challenges in grid design and maintenance, and Network Appliance solutions.

Back to the Future: A New Conceptual Model for Grid Storage
This 8 page HP document discusses the application of grid computing in storage environments.

Grid Computing
This 8 page Fujitsu Siemens document discusses the origins of grid computing, the present state of grid computing and standards, and Fujitsu Siemens grid infrastructure solutions.

Oracle 10g: Putting Grids to Work
This 19 page IDC document discusses grid computing, drivers and challenges to adoption, and Oracle's 10g grid product family.

Sun Powers the Grid
This 8 page Sun document discusses the state of grid computing today, global grids and Sun's vision of the grid.

It's a Grid World: The Convergence of Computing and Communications
This 4 page Intel document discusses the definition of grid, the evolution of the enterprise architecture and standards, and Intel's role in grid.

Grid Initiatives: Lessons Learned and Recommendations
This paper analyzes the UK e-Science Programme, the US TeraGrid, Naregi in Japan, the ChinaGrid, the European EGEE, and the German D-Grid initiative in order to better understand, design, build, manage and operate national and community grids, based on the experience of early adopters and on case studies and lessons learned from these projects.



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