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Grid Networks - Enabling Grids with Advanced Communication Technology
Networks are central to scaling Grids across distances and thus realize the potential of this new exciting season in distributed computing. The OGF Infrastructure co-Area Director Franco Travostino has co-produced the book "Grid Networks - Enabling Grids with Advanced Communication Technology" (Wiley, July 2006), with Joe Mambretti, Gigi Karmous-Edwards and a cast of over 30 renowned experts in infrastructure and applications. The authors cover a breadth of topics from the Grid Computing and networking disciplines, featuring both theoretical concepts and empirical results. Beginning with an overview of Grid technologies, an analysis of distinguishing use cases and architectural attributes, and emerging standards, Travostino et al. discuss new directions in multiple networking technologies that are enabling enhanced capabilities for Grids. An appendix also provides an overview of experimental research test-beds and prototype implementations.

The Different Faces of IT as Service
Ian Foster and Steven Tuecke's article from the Enterprise Distributed Computing issue of ACM Queue (Vol. 3, No. 6 - July/August 2005) provides background about the IT transformation from vertically integrated silos to horizontally integrated, service-oriented systems. It also emphasizes the relationships and defines commonly-used IT words such as grid, on-demand and service-oriented architecture, that have established the well-known grid vocabulary.

What is the Grid? A Three Point Checklist.
What makes a grid a grid? Ian Foster proposes a "test" in this paper, written for GRIDToday.

Q&A: Enterprise Grid Alliance Addresses Obstacles
In this 10/05 Q&A article, Paul Strong, chairman of the EGA technical steering committee and systems architect at Sun, cuts through the grid computing hype and offers IT pros one or two practical ways to solve problems.

Transforming Grids into Business Tools
This 9/05 Newsfactor Magazine Online article provides a detailed discussion on the state of enterprise grid computing today.

Enterprise Grid Computing
This is a detailed 5 page 8/05 ACMQueue article on enterprise grid computing.

What is grid computing?
In this 7/05 article grid computing expert Ian Foster provides his take on what grid computing is exactly.

Grids Growing in the Enterprise
This is a 6/05 article on enterprise grid computing.

A Grid Glossary: Top 30 Terms
This is a 6/05 article.

FAQs: Grid Computing
In this 6/05 Federal Computer Week article the use of grid computing in a government application is discussed.

Grids Get Down to Business
In this 4/05 C||Net article the work of the EGA and Globus Alliance is discussed.

Running on the Grid
In this 4/05 Oracle Magazine article the use of enterprise grid computing in Oracle’s Austin Data Center is discussed.

Rethinking grid computing as a mainstream solution
In this 4/05 article a panel of grid computing experts argue that grid's days as a widespread player in the mainstream computing space aren't far off.

Grid Gets Down to Business
In this 12/04 NetworkWorld article early enterprise adopters of grid computing praise its benefits such as ultra-speedy processing for heavy-duty applications.

Grid to Go: Q&A with Industry Leader Donald Deutsch, President, EGA
This is a 10/04 Database Trends and Applications article.












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