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Workshop on Science Applications and Infrastructure in Clouds and Grids
Workshop on Science Applications and Infrastructure in Clouds and Grids
Oxford, UK
March 15-16, 2012

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Venue Location:

Maths Institute, ( in the downstairs lecture theatre.
Address: 24–29 St Giles', Oxford, OX1 3LB

Science in general continues to make increasing use of advanced computing methods to process and visualize data, to perform simulations for comparison with expensive or difficult experiments, to extend the reach of theory beyond accessible experimental ranges, and to mine results from large collections of complex data. The "Science Applications and Infrastructure in Clouds and Grids" workshop to be held in conjunction with Open Grid Forum's OGF 34 meeting will address many of these important topics.

Cyberinfrastructures and e-infrastructures are being used to carry out intensive computations and data processing in ways that support individual researchers, and also in ways that enable collaborations between researchers. In addition to traditional grid computing methods, clouds are increasingly being used to broaden and extend the range of tools used to meet demands for computing and data services.

Previous workshops in this series, as described below, have been used to explore the high-performance range of cloud and grid applications and to discuss science agency uses of clouds and grids. The purpose of this workshop is to investigate cloud and grid framework software efforts and applications in greater detail, with focus on the following questions: We invite prospective participants to submit brief abstracts, on the order of one paragraph, on any of the related topics from the above list to the workshop organizers, and to request special topics for consideration if so inclined. We are also interested in presentations on forefront applications and/or framework infrastructures useful in clouds and grids in support of science application areas. These will be considered for acceptance for a short (order 20 to 30 minute) presentation at the workshop, to be followed up by an optional short position paper to be published in the workshop report.

This workshop is a follow-on in the series started by two previous workshops on High Performance Applications of Cloud and Grid Tools held in April, 2011 and Science Agency Uses of Clouds and Grids held July, 2011. Deadline for submission of abstracts is Feb 24, 2012.


Time Speaker Topic
0900-0930 Jensen Introduction, aims of workshop, overview
0930-1000 Katz Grid Computing: The Next Decade
1000-1030 El-Khatib Assembling the EVOp Infrastructure
1030-1100 Coffee
1100-1130 Terstyanszky Running workflows on Cloud and Grids
1130-1200 Jegou The benefits of mixing grid and cloud workloads for genomics
1200-1230 Drescher EGI Infrastructure Platform: Infrastructure services for scalable scientific platforms
1230-1330 Lunch
1330-1400 McGough Experiences in running High Throughput Computing on the Cloud
1400-1430 Solomonides Data Sciences and Data Protection - Progressing from restraint to constraint
1430-1500 Alexandrov Towards EU-Brazil Open Data and Cloud Computing e-Infrastructure for Biodiversity
1500-1530 Coffee
1530-1600 Hinrich Fusion of Bandwidth on Demand and Virtual Organisations
1630-1700 Andronico CLEVER (CLoud-Enabled Virtual EnviRonment)

Time Speaker Topic
0900-0930 Wallom Utilising Hybrid Clouds to Provide Resources to Higher Educational Institutions
0930-1000 Owen Analysis of Affymetrix expression data using R on Azure Cloud
1000-1030 Sun A constraints-based resource discovery model for multi-provider Cloud environments
1030-1100 Coffee
1100-1130 Gillam You pay for what you get: ensuring value for money in the Cloud
1130-1200 Kiss Science Gateways for improving the uptake of Grid and Cloud Computing Infrastructures
1200-1215 Jensen Close
1215-* Lunch


The workshop is free to attend but we ask you to register beforehand.


Funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), supported by the e-Research centre at the University of Oxford (OeRC), and organised by the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC). We acknowledge the role of the US Department of Energy Office for Advanced Scientific Computing Research, Internet2 and the SIENA project in supporting previous workshops in this series.

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