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OGF34 Call for Session Proposals
March 12-15, 2012
Oxford, UK

Submissions must be received by 29th January, 2012

Session proposals are now being accepted through 15th Jan, 2012 for OGF34, hosted by the Oxford e-Research Centre, University of Oxford, UK, March 12th – 15th 2012. OGF Event Programs seek to strengthen existing, and engage new, user communities within OGF, provide a forum to foster new relationships and collaborations based on common interests, and develop best practices and technical specifications related to distributed systems, grids and clouds.

In addition to OGF's chartered groups and Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions, the Program Committee is soliciting proposals for content that support its mission of accelerating grid and cloud adoption in both research and industry. While the Program Committee will consider all proposed content related to distributed computing technology and usage, they are particularly seeking content related to the following topics:
  • OGF Specification Adoption
  • Cloud Applications and Management
  • Big data and data organisation
  • Community and user Best Practices
  • Related Community Content
  • OGF Chartered Groups and BOFs

OGF Specification Adoption

OGF34 will continue OGF's emphasis on specification adoption with a multi-session track showcasing implementations of OGF specifications. As distributed computing infrastructures continue to gain prominence in scientific and commercial settings, implementation of open standards is important to interoperability and widespread adoption. This Specification Adoption Track aims to provide a vehicle for:
  • highlighting implementation successes and impacts,
  • productive interaction with specification authors,
  • discussion of specifications with experienced implementers.
Demonstrations and implementation experiences are encouraged as part of these sessions. These sessions are for developers and implementers of technical specifications. Proposers should select the "Spec Adoption" session type in the below drop-down.

Cloud Applications and Management

With the continued emergence of the cloud paradigm we are particularly interested in seeing the success of adoption in new communities who may have previously not used distributed computing. This should where possible include utilisation of implementations of OGF specifications such as OCCI. Please select "Cloud Apps and Management" below.

Big data and data organization

Data generation, acquisition, provenance, storage, access and management are increasingly important topics as we anticipate the coming data explosion. Dramatically increased volumes of data necessitate new and novel approaches to its organization and management. For proposals in this area, please select "Data Management" below.

Community and user Best Practices

In addition to developing grid specifications that lead to interoperable grid software, OGF also produces Best Practice documents that define a particular challenge found in deploying or managing grids and grid applications and then suggest a functional solution (e.g., practice) that solves the identified challenge. Challenges and best practices can be found in research and commercial settings alike, and can be found in a range of topics like provisioning, management, inter-organizational collaboration, security, and many more. Proposers should select "Best Practices" session type in the below drop down.

Related Community Content

As with traditional OGF event programs, the OGF34 Program Committee welcomes submissions of all types (case studies, technology updates, panels, tutorials, etc.

In addition to the explicit solicitations above, additional topics of interest include but are not limited to:
  • New application communities using grid based solutions, particularly based around standards
  • Application development/deployment in a grid environment
  • High Performance Technical Computing and grids
  • Virtualization, cloud computing, and grids
  • Exploiting grid technologies for inter-organizational collaborations
  • Simplifying management complexity of grids
  • SME adoption of distributed computing
  • Technology Enhanced Learning & Virtual Learning Tools
  • Digital Content & Digital Rights Management - Applications & Technologies
  • Medical applications using grids
  • Telecommunications & Optical Networks
  • Networked and Virtual Organisations
  • Collaborative Working Environments
  • Utilisation of Distributed computing within Transportation & Energy sectors
Proposers should select "Community Session" session type in the below drop down.

OGF Chartered Groups and BOFs

Requests for traditional Chartered Group and BOF Sessions should be made by selecting either "Group Sessions" or "BoF" in the submission drop-down. Materials, such as draft documents and presentations, should be made available and may be updated as necessary prior to the event.

The Call for Participation submission deadline is 29 January, 2012. Notifications will be sent by 12 February 2012.

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