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OGF19 Event Highlights
The 19th Open Grid Forum - OGF19
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA
January 29 - February 2, 2007

The 19th Open Grid Forum - OGF19

January 29 - February 2, 2007
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

OGF19 got off to a rousing start on Monday morning with packed crowds at the software forum sessions. In all, thirteen software forum sessions were held over 3 days. Everyone seemed pleased with the outcome, so expect to see the software forums as a major part of future OGF events.

Mark Linesch opened Tuesday morning with his "State of the Forum" talk. OGF has accomplished several significant milestones since GGF18 in September including:

  • Eight new documents published
  • The Technical Strategy and Roadmap document drafted and in public comment
  • Four new groups formed
  • First Software Forum track kicked off (at OGF19)

In addition, Mark talked about OGF's goals for 2007:

  • Tangible results aligned with key stakeholders
  • Member satisfaction and growth
  • Improved communication clarity and effectiveness
  • Event satisfaction and growth

Wednesday featured the Standards all-hands session and Plenary Town Hall session. The standards all-hands brought focus to the need for improved interaction between groups and ways to maximize the productivity of future all-hands sessions. The town hall addressed several interesting topics requested from the audience including the structure of future OGF events, group dependencies and synergies, handling web services convergence and the new and improved GridForge features, including wiki functionality.

Other highlights from the week included the progress of the WS-Naming document to public comment status and the HPC Basic Profile document to last call status. New examples of adoption were cited including Matlab of DRMAA and Platform and Intel of JSDL. The Enterprise function made significant progress on best practices, requirements alignment, and adoption strategies. The e-Science function held several successful workshops including Semantic Web 2.0 which seemed to hit on a hot topic not being fully addressed by other groups and Reliability and Robustness in Grid Computing. The diversity BoF successfully identified several issues and potential solutions that will broaden participation and help assimilate new members into existing groups.

The Friday Center proved to be an excellent venue. Positive comments about the Center's facilities, staff, wireless network and food were heard in abundance. We hope to return soon.

For the presentations from any of the sessions, visit the schedule page and browse the program for sessions and topics of interest.


Conversations at the breaks.

Mark Linesch presents Cees de Laat with OGF Affiliate Program certificate to the Grid Forum - Netherlands

Steven Newhouse presenting at one of the Standards All-Hands sessions.

The Welcome Reception





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