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GGF18 Event Highlights
The 18th Global Grid Forum - GGF18/GridWorld
Washington DC, USA
September 11-14, 2006

The 18th Global Grid Forum - GGF18
Held in conjunction with GridWorld
September 11-14, 2006
Washington DC, USA


The newly formed Open Grid Forum teamed with IDG World Expo and GlobusWorld to host the 18th Global Grid Forum, GGF18, in conjunction with GridWorld and GlobusWorld. Over 600 participants converged in Washington DC September 11-14. The combination of the three programs offered something for everyone.

Throughout the week, OGF introduced participants to the newly launched Open Grid Forum. Hundreds of coffee mugs were handed out during the Welcome Reception on Tuesday evening to mark the start of an exciting future of accelerating grid adoption world wide. In addition to the new website being launched, Mark Linesch delivered a white paper describing the organization. There was much excitement surrounding the new OGF.

A full slate of OGF sessions and activities took place during this four-day program including:

. Over 80 Working Group, Research Group and Community sessions
. OGF Launch Reception Party on Tuesday evening
. OGF Town Hall Meeting to meet the OGF Board and Leadership
. OGF 101 Session to learn about OGF's Membership Programs

Also at GGF18/GridWorld, GGF/EGA teamed with IDG and GlobusWORLD to provide high-quality content in the Technology and Solutions programs, insightful keynotes, and open source and proprietary showcase solutions.

For session presentations, visit the schedule page and browse the program for topics of interest. Note that most OGF group session presentations and drafts are available in the OGF group collaboration tool called GridForge or you may visit a full listing of our groups.

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