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Standards Function

Vice-President: Alan Sill
At-large AD: David Snelling

The Standards function is responsible for development of architectures, specifications, roadmaps and glossaries for distributed computing software through OGF working groups and through the application of the OGF document process. The Standards function includes the management of technical liaisons with other Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) and to promote the adoption of standardized and interoperable distributed computing software.


Grid Checkpoint Recovery WG (gridcpr-wg)
Simple API for Grid Apps RG (saga-rg)


Grid Protocol Architecture (gpa-rg)


OGSA Data Replication Services WG (orep-wg)
OGSA-Data Working Group (ogsa-d-wg)
Transaction Mgmt RG (tm-rg)


Data Transport RG (dt-rg)
Grid and Virtualization Working Group (gridvirt-wg)
Net Measurements for Apps RG (nma-rg)


Application Contents Service WG (acs-wg)
Configuration Description, Deployment, and Lifecycle Management WG (cddlm-wg)
Grid Economic Services Architecture WG (gesa-wg)
OGSA Resource Usage Service WG (rus-wg)


OGSA-P2P-Security RG (ogsap2p)
Trusted Computing Research Group (tc-rg)

Community Function

Vice-President: David Wallom
At-large AD: David De Roure
At-large AD: Thilo Kielmann

The OGF Community Function is responsible for engaging with scientific, engineering, education, business and industrial communities to enable productive forums to identify and align requirements, workshop solutions, and share progress.

Build, Test and Certification of Grid Software Community Group (btc-cg)
Education and Training (et-cg)
GGF Process WG (ggf-proc-wg)
Grid Benchmarking RG (gb-rg)
Grid Reliability and Robustness RG (gridrel-rg)
Applications Developers and Users RG (apps-rg)
Advanced Collaborative Environments RG (ace-rg)
Appliance Aggregation RG (appagg-rg)
Semantic Grid RG (sem-rg)
User Program Development Tools for the Grid RG (updt-rg)

Other Function

Accounting Models (acct-rg)
Advanced Programming Models (apm-rg)
Authority Recognition RG (arrg-rg)
Authorization Frameworks and Mechanisms (authz-wg)
CIM based Grid Schema (cgs-wg)
CMM-WG (cmm-wg)
DAMO-RG (damo-rg)
Data Replication (rep-rg)
Discovery/Monitoring Event Description (damed-wg)
GGF-Sales (ggf-sales)
Grid Certificate Policy (gcp-wg)
Grid Policy-RG (policy-rg)
Grid Security Infrastructure (gsi-wg)
Grid User Services (gus-rg)
GROC (groc)
ISP - Info Systems and Performance (isp)
New Productivity Initiative (npi-wg)
OGSADATA Replication - WG (ogsadata-r-wg)
Open Grid Service Architecture Security (ogsa-sec-wg)
Open Grid Services Infrastructure (ogsi-wg)
Open Source Software (oss-wg)
Persistent Archives (pa-rg)
Production Grid Management (pgm-rg)
Relational Grid Information Services (rgis-rg)
SAGA-WG (gapi-wg)
Scheduling Attributes (sa-wg)
Scheduling Dictionary (sd-wg)
Service Management Frameworks (smf-rg)

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