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The primary product of the Open Grid Forum is the specifications and best practices – codified in a document - that result from working group and research group activities.  When a group has reached consensus on a draft document (called a Grid Working Draft or GWD), it is submitted to the OGF Editor, who manages a virtual "pipeline" of documents that move through a prescribed process toward publication (see What are OGF Documents? section).  It is acceptable for an individual or set of authors not in a recognized OGF group to submit a draft to the OGF Editor.  In this case, the Editor will work with the submitting parties to ensure that the document is in the proper format.

While a draft is in the pipeline, it is reviewed by the Area Directors, the OGF Editor, and eventually by the community as a whole (during the public comment process).  When a draft has progressed through the prescribed process and has gained final approval from the OGF Editor and the Steering Group, it is promoted to a Grid Final Document (GFD), is given a unique number, and becomes part of the OGF Document Series.

This Editor pipeline is hosted on OGF's global collaboration tool called Redmine.   A full listing of documents in the pipeline and their status can be viewed at the Document Tracker in the Editor project.

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