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An Open Global Forum for Advanced Distributed Computing

OGF is an open global community committed to driving the rapid evolution and adoption of advanced applied distributed computing. OGF is focused on developing and promoting innovative scalable methods, applications and infrastructures to improve productivity in the enterprise and within the science community.

OGF accomplishes its work through open forums that build the community, explore trends, share optimal approaches, document findings and consolidate these results where appropriate into standards. The output products that result from this process document and codify best practices and standards that provide the basis for some of the largest and most powerful operational computing infrastructure systems in the world.

OGF adheres to and endorses the OpenStand principles for open standards development and is a signatory to the joint statement of affirmation of these principles.

Top News:

Nominating Committee In Progress

A nominating committee (NomCom) was commissioned and initiated at the OGF 40 meeting January 2014. It is currently cataloguing open leadership positions, OGF internal structure and needs and will report back to the OGF Board and operational leadership as needed to make recommendations for positions and candidates. A NomCom meeting and Standards Council / Grid Forum Steering Group meeting will be held in addition to the other events at OGF 42 in London. For more information, please see the NomCom pages.

Upcoming OGF Events

Please see the Upcoming OGF Events pages for full descriptions and details on upcoming meetings and events.

In addition, we maintain Google calendars for OGF events and for Group Activities '' .

2014/12/22 19:00GFSG Call Call DetailsSkype / Phone
2014/12/23 12:00GFSG / OGF Standards Council Call Call DetailsSkype / Phone
2014/12/23 20:00GFSG / OGF Standards Council Call Call DetailsSkype / Phone
2014/12/26 20:30NomCom call Call DetailsHangout
2014/12/26 21:30NomCom call Call DetailsHangout
2015/01/05 19:00GFSG Call Call DetailsSkype / Phone
2015/01/06 12:00GFSG / OGF Standards Council Call Call DetailsSkype / Phone
2015/01/06 20:00GFSG / OGF Standards Council Call Call DetailsSkype / Phone
2015/01/09 20:30NomCom call Call DetailsHangout
2015/01/09 21:30NomCom call Call DetailsHangout

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